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Footgolf Comes to Northamptonshire

4.20pm 30th March 2015 - Growing the Game

Paul Ramsey Ex-Leicester City
Paul Ramsey Ex-Leicester City

Cold Ashby Golf Club has constructed the first Footgolf Course to be opened in Northamptonshire. The club which is located midway between Northampton and Leicester has a 27 hole Golf course which has been open for just over 40 years. Now a nine hole Footgolf facility has been added.

At the Opening on Thursday 26th March, Gareth May, Head of Development for the UK Footgolf Association, said this was the 85th Course to open in the UK, but importantly the first in Northamptonshire, and he welcomed this new addition in an area where he felt that the game would continue to grow in popularity. “It is becoming known as one of the fastest growing sports in the Country” he said, “and I am particularly impressed with the layout at Cold Ashby and its great variation of terrain and views”.

Ashley Rump – Regional Development Officer for England Golf said, “Golf and Footgolf can complement each other. Players may well get a taste of Footgolf and then move on to play Golf.”

David Croxton – Joint Proprietor of Cold Ashby Golf Club, said he was pleased that Cold Ashby was fortunate enough to be able to devote some land to create a Footgolf Course and looked forward to people from the East Midlands taking up and enjoying this exciting new sport.

Ex Premiership Referee – Peter Walton ‘blew the starting whistle’ to get Footgolf underway and the Course is now open for business. In an impromptu competition for those present a score of 4 over par was returned by joint winners Ashley Rump and Peter Walton.

Footgolf Courses are generally shorter than Golf Courses, but the holes themselves are considerably larger – 21” in diameter.  The game is played like golf – from a tee to a green but, quite simply, the players kick a football.

It is expected to appeal to people of any age or sex.  It is fun, it is different, it is good exercise and it has arrived in Northamptonshire.

Cold Ashby Golf Club

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