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1PUTT Golf: Helping Clubs Reach New Audiences

3.13pm 4th October 2017 - Growing the Game

There has long been a hunt for a new golf format to increase engagement of the new generation of golfers at golf clubs and golf courses.

For those who were at Strawberry Hill Golf Club on September 16th, golf may finally have caught a glimpse of an innovation that will genuinely drive participation rates from both the current and new audience of golfers.

1PUTT is a new golf format and experience designed not to reinvent golf, but enhance the most exciting elements of the game by use of a simple scoring system and larger holes.

1PUTT Golf is not just a new format but a new experience, tailored to the modern golfer.

1: Scoring is all processed on smartphones through VPAR’s Live Scoring technology

2: On-course music and live DJ sets

3: On-course ‘pit stop’ bars allow players to get another dose of music and refreshments

4: Team & Individual competitions such as closest to the pin and longest drive give players the chance to win prizes.

When 1PUTT descended on Strawberry Hill for the day, the club attracted 53 new golfers between the ages of 25 and 30 to the course. One member who stayed down to watch the event said, “It’s great to see so many young people at our course having a great time – kudos to 1PUTT for creating something new.”

Having enjoyed a great day out at a great course in the heart of Twickenham, players said they are were likely to return to the course when planning their next round of golf.

Jon Wright, Secretary of Strawberry Hill was equally pleased with what he saw, especially from a financial perspective. “Not only were the additional golfers helpful, but we had a great take behind the bar from those who wanted to stay down afterwards and make a social occasion of it. The music and atmosphere meant that was what most people did.”

It is not the first 1PUTT event that has taken place this year. A similar event took place at Sunningdale Heath Golf Club in May. The day was equally well received, with 75 new golfers from a similar demographic enjoying the course for the first time.

John Ross, general manager at the club said, “we loved the day and we felt that we had a great venue for the event, so we’re looking forward to the next one. The course was kept in good order and hole cutting caused no problems whatsoever.”

Mitcham and Dukes Meadows are another two golf clubs that have joined in with embracing 1PUTT’s new approach and reaped rewards from doing so.

A large part of 1PUTT’s aim to revitalise the game of golf is to help golf clubs and golf courses thrive. 1PUTT design marketing campaigns and events that can help any kind of golf club or golf course reach a new audience, drive revenue or simply offer a new experience to their current golfers.





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