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Telford opens new ‘crazy’ putting course

4.47pm 30th May 2019 - Courses

Telford Hotel & Golf Resort has unveiled a new nine-hole putting course that aims to help golfers of all skill levels to improve their green-reading skills.

The course features holes ranging from 10m to 20m in length and the ‘crazy’ undulations in the putting surface ensure it’s fun for all the family, while also enabling more serious golfers to practise their ‘reading’ of putt lines.

Free to use, the resort supplies putters and balls, ensuring there’s no excuse for hotel guests and golfers not to give it a go.

Director of golf Matt Robbins explained: “We wanted to introduce something a little bit different. Adventure Golf is visually impressive, but it is very expensive to install and maintain, and provides nothing for the club golfer. So we came up with the concept of an undulating putting course – but not to the same extent as the famous Himalayas course at St Andrews. Our version can be played for fun, or can be used for putting practice by those golfers looking to improve their green-reading techniques.

“And, to make sure everybody had a chance to use it, we decided to make it free to play. It’s already proving very popular with both families and club members alike. The course record is currently set at an impressive 20, and we offer a weekly prize for the lowest score.”

Telford Hotel also boasts an 18-hole, 6,741 yard course.


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