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Titleist Free Personalisation Programme

8.51am 10th February 2012 - Corporate

Members of Foremost’s Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) were the biggest winners during Titleist’s hugely successful winter Free Ball Personalisation promotion.

Foremost members secured total sales of almost 3,000 dozen Titleist balls during the promotion with 130 EMP members generating 70% of those sales and 800+ non-EMP members achieving the remaining 30%.

Those figures provide clear evidence of how EMP members can harness the power of e-marketing to drive sales even at a time of year when foot fall in shops is at its lowest level.

They also represent a powerful call to action reminding non-EMP members the £100 a month fee to join the EMP programme is money well spent for everyone who wants to maximise the sales and profits from their shop.

“We have recently received the results from Titleist’s winter Free Ball Personalisation promotion and they make great reading for Foremost members and in particular for the 130 EMP professionals who chose to take part in the initiative,” said Foremost Director, Andy Martin.

“We have been arguing for some time that Foremost’s personalised EMP programme provides members with all the tools they need to maximise sales and to compete effectively with the high street retailers and the results of the Titleist promotion provided added proof that is no idle boast.

“This season we will be launching a series of further promotions in tandem with our official equipment Partners and we suggest members would be well advised to sign up for EMP programme if they want to get the most out of them.”

Stuart Dowsett, the head professional at Sundridge Park Golf Club inBromley,Kent, was one of a large number of EMP professionals who experienced a huge increase in ball sales thanks to the Titleist promotion which provided free personalisation for all customers who purchased a dozen or more Titleist balls.

Dowsett sold over 60 dozen Titleist balls to over 50 separate customers and has no doubt the success of the initiative had a lot to do with  the personalised  weekly email newsletters sent to his members as part of his membership of the EMP programme.

“This year in the lead up to Christmas the weather was quite good but we still didn’t get the same sort of foot fall in our shop we would expect during the summer months,” he said.

“The personalised emails we send out publicising both the Titleist free personalisation promotion and our other initiates helped us to counteract this shortfall and to remind customers their local pro is the best place to go to buy golf presents for Christmas.

“The promotion was a massive success and helped me to sell a lot more balls than I otherwise would have done,” he added.

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