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SkyCaddie Welcomes Proposed Rules Changes

3.15pm 3rd March 2017 - Corporate

Jacqui Surman, Senior Vice-President International Sales & Marketing for SkyGolf
Jacqui Surman, Senior Vice-President International Sales & Marketing for SkyGolf

SkyCaddie has issued a statement following this week’s announcement by the R&A and USGA that major changes are being proposed to the Rules Of Golf for 2019 onwards.

One of the proposed changes will allow Distance Measuring Devices such as SkyCaddies to be used in all play, except where prohibited by a Local Rule.

This effectively reverses the current situation, which states that DMDs can only be used in competition under a Local Rule.

Jacqui Surman, Senior Vice-President International Sales & Marketing for SkyGolf, said: “As the original pioneers of the golf GPS market, SkyCaddie welcomed the 2006 announcement that the Rules Of Golf were to change to allow the use of DMDs under Local Rule.

“This led to an explosion of interest in DMDs, and SkyCaddie was in the vanguard of the innovation and creative product design which followed. These days golfers have access to a wealth of digital information while on the golf course, with SkyCaddies and similar devices now a common sight on golf courses around the world.

“Our commitment to mapping courses with ever-increasing accuracy has never been stronger, and this week’s announcement is further proof that the game’s governing bodies recognise the benefits which Distance Measuring Devices bring to the sport, whether as regards pace of play, or for better golf, or for pure enjoyment.

“Many in the game believe that GPS devices in particular help to speed up play, and SkyCaddie unequivocally supports the R&A and USGA’s call for golfers to be ready to play their shot at all times.

“Since the sport began, golfers have always sought help with distance-measurement – whether from sprinkler heads, yardage books or marker posts – and because of this we have always felt that the use of electronic DMDs is consistent with the principles of the game. This week’s announcement, and the accompanying guidance notes, show that the sport’s rules-makers agree.

“In summary we wholeheartedly welcome this week’s news, and congratulate the R&A and USGA for adapting their thinking for the demands of the modern game so comprehensively – not only as regards DMDs of course, but also across the whole Rules Of Golf. We look forward to the finalisation of these proposals in 2018.”

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