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Record year for Barenbrug

9.00am 17th September 2002 - Corporate

Barenbrug UK, the specialist grass seed breeders, report strong sales throughout the UK and continental Europe. Year on year sales are up 30% giving the company a market-leading share of 26%.

The company works in close partnership with its distributors, all of whom are exclusive to Barenbrug. The network comprises Richard Aitken (Seedsmen) Ltd of Glasgow, Aitkens Sportsturf of Sherburn, Avoncrop Amenity Products of Bracknell and Weston-super-Mare, Collier Turf Care of King’s Lynn and Bourne Amenity of Cranbrook.

“Quite honestly,” said Paul Johnson, managing director, Barenbrug UK, “our distributors form a vital element of our business. Not only do they react to customer’s needs, they proactively seek out their views and opinions, which helps us to develop the right cultivars and mixtures that exactly meet their requirements.”

The company has just published the 2002/2003 edition of the Grass Seed Specifiers Handbook. This invaluable reference contains essential information on grass species and cultivars for sports and amenity turf and outlines the criteria for selection.

Earlier this year Barenbrug UK organised a conference in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, which covered topics including grass breeding, seed production, turf diseases, nutrition and trends in cultivar development.

The conference was received so enthusiastically that Barenbrug plans to stage a ‘road-show’ at several regional locations next spring. The company believes that it is important to engage in a dialogue with end-users and industry professionals to maintain the two-way learning process.

Barenbrug UK

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