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PuttOUT Parabolic putting with the all new golf putting aid

5.12pm 6th February 2017 - Corporate

PuttOut_5Second Chance Ltd have secured the distribution rights for PuttOUT revolutionary training aid, assigned for improving your putting.

PuttOUT is a pressure putting training device. It has a scientifically shaped target with a parabolic curve which rejects bad putts and returns good ones seamlessly.

The key to great putting is practice so with regular use of a PuttOUT you’ll be able to hole more putts!

Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have gone past the hole if it had missed – great feedback for getting the pace just right.

If you build putt repetition into your practice routine you’ll improve your putting and increase your confidence. PuttOUT gets you used to holing pressure putts and if you click the disc to open the micro target, the ball must hold for the perfect putt. Take the challenge!

PuttOUT is a quality product ergonomically designed to fold and to fit into your golf bag easily. Practice anytime, anywhere, on carpet or a putting green.

Since its launch PuttOUT has proved to be immensely popular. The golf industry have taken a great interest in the product and Second Chance have been inundated with orders from golf pros, sports shops and online retailers.

At this year’s PGA Show in Orlando, Mark Crossfield picked PuttOUT to be one of his top 3 golf gadgets (see the link below). One of Mark’s other top 3 gadgets at the show was the GPS shot tracking system Game Golf, another product distributed by Second Chance.

Mark Crossfield, Golf Guru and self-proclaimed putting geek talks about PuttOUT: “PuttOut accurately simulates what it feels like to putt to a golf hole. The micro target adds another level of challenge to your putting practice. PuttOut inspires you to pick up a putter everyday to keep on top of your putting.

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