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PGA Extends Agreement with Sigma Golf (UK) Limited

Story published at 10:53, Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Richard Jewel and Sandy Jones

Richard Jewel and Sandy Jones

The PGA has recently extended its agreement with Sigma Golf to supply a range of golf equipment and products carrying the well-recognised PGA brand name.

Sigma’s Managing Director, Richard Jewell, himself a PGA Advanced Fellow Professional said: “The past twelve months has seen a considerable increase in the number of members taking advantage of stocking their own brand entry-level products. With the various incentives to get more people playing golf, the PGA Collection products are a perfect fit.

“The customised 7-iron offer for individual or group lessons has been well received by PGA members who have seen a good take-up by their customers purchasing further matching clubs to complete their sets rather than, what was often the case, their pupils purchasing ill-fitting box sets from a local sports store.

“It makes perfect sense that PGA professionals should promote their own entry-level range.  They attract a new customer who will hopefully stay with them as their golf progresses and, most importantly, if they start with a custom-made club they have every chance of achieving their full potential.”

For full details of the 7-iron offer and the full PGA Collection, contact Sigma Golf (UK) Limited on 01452 611888 or

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