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Ocean Tee launches initiative to promote use of sustainable bamboo tees

5.20pm 6th January 2020 - Corporate - This story was updated on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Ocean Tee, the golf industry’s leading provider of sustainable tees, is calling on UK golf clubs to become one of 25 pioneering venues that will commit to getting plastic off the golf course, reduce waste, slash their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental charities by being part of the Ocean Tee Crowd initiative.

The Ocean Tee Crowd initiative aims to use the buying power of 25 clubs across the UK to make a cost-effective, sustainable statement by transitioning to bamboo golf tees for members and guests. This unique eight-week initiative pools clubs’ resources to make switching to the brand’s premium, durable and sustainable tees simple. This move elevates each participating clubs environmental credentials and their member’s experience.

Ocean Tee is the only provider of sustainably sourced, branded bamboo golf tees to clubs, owners and organisations across Europe. The tees are made from 100 per cent bamboo – a natural, strong and flexible material that creates a durable tee that is less prone to snapping than traditional wooden tees.

Explain the crowd initiative, Ed Sandison, founder of Ocean Tee, said: “We’ve had a fantastic response to our biodegradable bamboo tees since we entered the market. There is a real appetite for sustainability, and as you can see from the recent ban of plastic tees at several courses, getting plastic out of the club eco-system is a great first step. With our crowd initiative, we’ve found a way to help more clubs make the switch to sustainable tees, but to make it a success we need the UK’s golfers to tell their clubs that going plastic-free and reducing their environmental impact is important to them.”

From January 6 to March 2, Ocean Tee is hoping to recruit a minimum of 25 clubs to be part of the initiative. If 25 clubs sign up within the limited eight-week period, then Ocean Tee has committed to providing one of two complete tee packages to participants at a dramatically reduced cost. This enables clubs to remove plastic tees and wooden tees packaged in plastic from the course and benefit from a commercial package that wouldn’t be possible on a club by club basis. And with 25 per cent of all Ocean Tee’s profit going to environmental charities, clubs signing up to be one of the first in this innovative scheme will make double the positive impact.

“Ocean Tee has sustainability at its heart and we’re committed to helping clubs all over the UK implement the small changes that can make a real difference,” added Sandison. “But we know that all change starts with a single voice. So, if any golfers want to make a difference at their club, we want them to tell the captain, the pro or the secretary about the Ocean crowd and encourage them to find out more about our commercially viable, environmental, sustainable initiative. With enough voices we can hit our eight-week target of 25 clubs and start making a real difference to the environmental impact of UK golf clubs.”

Any club interested in becoming part of the Ocean Tee Crowd should email to reserve their spot. All that is required to confirm your place is a fully refundable £50 deposit.


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