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New tool makes spraying easier

12.10am 13th June 2002 - Corporate

Toro has announced the Toro Sprayer Calibration Tool, a computer-based tool to assist with checking and calibrating sprayers, plus calculating product and water mixing rates. This program will assist the users of all sprayers, including those not manufactured by Toro.

“We’re focused on making spraying easier,” said Tony Ferguson, marketing manager application and cultivation products, “The Toro Sprayer Calibration Tool is a new asset to your spraying management.”

This program performs the following calculations:

Nozzle Uniformity

Speed Calculator

Application Rate

Tank Mixing

Multiple Tank Mixing

Nozzle Selection

Nozzle Pressure Drop

This program is available in following formats:

Windows® based PCs

Windows Pocket PC® based Handhelds

Palm® OS based Handhelds

Each program is available for download on the Toro website. Go to the customer care page from either the Golf Course Management or the Grounds & Sports Turf pages, select Sprayer Calibration Software from the Education and Technical Reference pull down menu. Or go directly to:

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