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New Lynx Black Cat Driver Ad Airs on Sky

4.49pm 23rd March 2017 - Corporate

LYNX_08AltLynx’s acclaimed new Black Cat adjustable driver is going down a storm – and is the star of a TV ad being aired on Sky Sports.

Called ‘The Tempest’ the atmospheric lifestyle ad features three-time European Tour winner and Lynx ambassador, Nick Dougherty, harnessing the incredible power of the Black Cat driver in storm.

Created by international advertising production company Stripey Horse (London) and directed by Mark Dymond, the film shows the figure of a golfer swinging the new Lynx Black Cat club in a dark, moody, almost predatory atmosphere.

The production team managed to create the stormy weather conditions in a studio, where over the course of a day they threw rain, wind and smoke at Nick.

A large part of the magic of the ad is down to director of photography, Joel Anderson, who shot on the Phantom Flex, a high-speed camera that shoots at 1500 frames a second with Cooke anamorphic lenses to create the epic widescreen visuals.

The ultra slo-mo allowed Stripey Horse to capture the minute detail of a golf swing that is impossible to see with the naked eye.

Stephanie Zinser, Lynx Golf co-owner, said: “We always try to do things differently at Lynx and didn’t want to produce the stereotypical “wham-bam here’s our club, hit it longer” golf equipment ad. With slow motion, driving rain, atmospheric lighting and fantastic close-up camera work, we believe we have an ad that stands out, is cool and sophisticated yet perfectly communicates just how powerful the Black Cat driver is.”

The 30-second ad first aired during the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, with further spots in March during the WGC Dell Matchplay. The ad will also air throughout Sky Sport’s summer golf coverage of the PGA and European Tours.

The Lynx Black Cat driver is currently being used by Nick Dougherty, Paul Eales (European Seniors Tour), Lydia Hall and Becky Brewerton (LET).

It has a classic tour shaped head that increases club head speed and launches high with low spin for maximum distance. It also features Lynx’s Lynx Spin Control System – a removable and reversible weight bar which repositions weight either further forward, or further back, in the clubhead.

Lynx is dedicated to offering exceptional equipment for use by golfers at all skill levels and has always promised to support ‘green grass’ Pro shop businesses.

The company has an extensive range of men’s, ladies’ and junior equipment for 2017 and will be unveiling several exciting new products this year including new #BB (Boom Boom) and Parallax irons.

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