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New Hi-Tech GPS system at Brocket Hall

11.30am 8th June 2005 - Corporate

Brocket Hall Golf Club has become the first British golf club to install Prolink’s renowned Parview GPS system. The Hertfordshire club becomes one of over 500 golf facilities in North America, Europe and Asia to use the Prolink system, widely regarded as the most advanced GPS system in the world.
Annually, Prolink systems are used by more than 15,000,000 golfers, with that number growing exponentially as more and more clubs are attracted by the benefits of the products.
Brocket Hall is one of a growing number of clubs to have purchased the Parview system because of its proven track record in improving corporate golf day business, enhancing customer enjoyment and speeding up play.
The system also has many additional applications for course managers, helping to optimise course profits by generating increased revenue and minimising expenses.
“We are delighted to become the first British golf club to install Prolink’s Parview system,” said Andrew N Hepburn, director and general manager of Brocket Hall Golf Club. “We see it as a useful tool to increase our corporate business and feel sure it will prove to be extremely popular with our members and visitors alike.
“The decision to install ProLink gives us a useful competitive advantage over our rivals and it is an advantage that will help consolidate Brocket Hall’s reputation as one of the premiere golf facilities in the British Isles.”
“We are thrilled to have the landmark and première golf club, Brocket Hall, as the first of many ProLink Solutions’ course partners in the UK,” confirmed Larry Bain, president and CEO, Prolink Solutions, LLC. “Brocket Hall choosing to install a ProLink Solutions system demonstrates their commitment to providing a state-of-the-art facility for their customers… a world-class facility that is focussed on providing an enriching and genuinely engaging experience for all players regardless of their skill level.”
“We are delighted to support Brocket Hall in its decision to be the first UK golf facility to adopt Parview’s GPS technology,” agreed Ian Bailey, director of Elumina Iberica, the exclusive distributor of Prolink’s Parview technology in Europe and the Middle East. “We already have a strong order book in Spain, including Europe’s number one course Valderrama and we believe that Brocket Hall represents a significant step in our plans for the UK.
“The system will add significant value to the golfers’ experience at Brocket Hall, whilst also providing a state-of-the-art platform to help the club effectively manage its buggy fleet.”
Contact Paul Densham for further information on Brocket Hall Golf Club or its new ProLink Parview system. He can be contacted on 01707 335241 or email
Sales, Advertising and Sponsorship enquires about Elumina Iberica and Parview GPS should be directed to Ian Bailey via email or by telephone on +44 (0) 7899 995561.
Prolink Solutions LLC

How does the ProLink Solutions system work?

  • Real-time information management utilises data received from 12 Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites combined with proprietary software programmes, hardware and network components.
  • These resources produce technology that calculates a golf cart’s exact position, speed and direction and then relays this knowledge to the computer set-up at the club.
  • This information base is then employed in a variety of ways to meet the challenges of running a golf course and playing a golf course.

Features of ProLink Solution’s Parview System

  • Course Display – Course managers can view the entire facility, a group of holes, or a single hole and pinpoint individual cart locations on the computer at the club.
  • Cart Tracking – Cart locations are tracked and updated in real-time with carts colour-coded based upon their time ahead or behind the pace of play.
  • Pace of Play – Every cart’s pace of play is recorded for each hole.
  • Two-Way Messaging – Course managers can communicate with one cart, a group of carts or the entire fleet by selecting a pre-set message or typing a custom message.
  • Food and Beverage Menu – A customised food and beverage menu automatically appears on the cart’s screen allowing golfers to order meals from the course’s snack bar or halfway house. A printer in the snack bar relays the order from the cart providing immediate pick-up of the order upon the golfer’s arrival.
  • AdMan – One of the most exciting aspects of the Parview system is the revenue opportunity it provides via advertising and sponsorship. The course can also promote restaurant and merchandise sales through advertisements displayed on screens,
  • Course Configuration – The location of pins can be updated automatically or manually can be set to reflect current course conditions, such as cart-path-only.
  • ScoreCast Tournament Software – Provides live scoring and tabulated results at the end of a tournament.
  • Report Generations – Course managers can access useful reports detailing
  • (a) cart rounds played vs cart rounds paid,
  • (b) pace of play summary outlining target time played vs actual time played for each hole, and
  • (c) cart utilization showing activity of holes played per cart for maintenance purposes.

    Benefits for Golfers

  • ProLink Solutions adds value to the golfer’s experience. Using the ProLink Solutions’ system produces faster rounds, lower scores and more overall enjoyment.
  • With its hands-free operation, the ProLinks Solutions system provides golfers with facts about the course they’re playing on a cart-mounted, high resolution 10.4” colour screen.
  • This includes brilliant course graphics displays of hole and green lay-outs. Yardages to the daily pin placements, professional tips, two-way messaging between the cart and the club, and food and beverage ordering services.

    Advantages for the Course Manager

  • ProLink Solution’s technology has many applications for the course manager – solutions that optimise course profits by generating revenue and minimising expenses.
  • With the ProLink Solutions system, course managers can boost revenue by improving pace of play, enhancing cart value, increasing food and beverage sales, and promoting merchandise.
  • Costs are curtailed through reductions in course personnel, accurate forecasting of inventory levels, validation of complimentary rounds and improvement in administrative competencies.


  • ProLink Solutions generates additional revenue while minimising expenditure.
  • Rounds are reduced by an average of 20 minutes – or two additional tee times per day
  • Complimentary rounds are easily validated
  • Food and beverage revenues are increased by 20-30%
  • Cart values are enhanced.
  • Advertising and sponsorship revenues are increased
  • Corporate and society events are enhanced by tournament software and live scoring.

Prolink Solutions LLC


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