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New Consultancy Company ‘Golf & Leisure Marketing’ Launches

6.48am 27th February 2015 - Corporate

Matt Orwin
Matt Orwin

Former Country Club Group senior executive, Matthew Orwin, has recently launched a new consultancy company called ‘Golf & Leisure Marketing’. The company is providing a range of marketing support services including club competitor analysis reports, customer analysis reports, membership leaver surveys and promotion & advertising planning and implementation.

With an industry not short of a consultant or two, Matthew is keen to use his own 21 years experience in the UK golf industry to offer a more pragmatic and practical approach to the company’s services.

“It’s easy to get lost in the theoretical jargon surrounding the subject of marketing and lose sight of its ultimate purpose – to find and keep customers. Our many years hands-on experience at the coalface of running successful golf club businesses means we approach the subject first and foremost as practitioners. We’ll only ever advise on strategies and tactics that we’ve executed before, that are proven to work and that we know provide the best return on advertising investment.”

In addition to specialist customer and competitor reports the company offers a promotional & advertising planning service that works closely with clubs to create efficient and targeted plans for either short-term promotions or extended annual campaigns. They can also fully manage the plan execution, liaising with the relevant design, print & media suppliers whilst maintaining a high level of communication with the clubs employees.

Matthew continues, “We’d like to think of ourselves as a surrogate Marketing Manager. There are plenty of clubs who could and would employ the services of an experienced Marketing Manager if they had the resources to do so, but not many do. That’s where we believe Golf & Leisure Marketing can step in.”

In this regard, the distinction between a consultancy company and an advertising agency is something Golf & Leisure Marketing is keen to highlight and present as a key strength behind their offering.

“We are a consultancy, not an agency. We don’t make money from negotiating agency rates with media – we just negotiate the best rate possible for our clients. We don’t have an advertising preference based on how profitable it is for our company – we don’t add a mark-up to any advertising. The only preference we have is that we know it works and provides the best return on investment. In fact, much of it is actually free, or virtually no cost at all.”

Golf & Leisure Marketing

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