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More Brexit Statements

2.17pm 28th June 2016 - Corporate - This story was updated on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Ryder Cup Europe
Ryder Cup Europe

The Club Managers’ Association of Europe, Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations and the PGAs of Europe have all published their statements.

Club Managers’ Association of Europe

“The Board and Management of CMAE would like to reassure CMAE members that with the UK now leaving the EU this does not affect the strategic aims of CMAE and the way forward over the next few years we have agreed to take.

We are committed to our ongoing mission of the Association

We will continue to work hard together to achieve our goals.”

Michael Braidwood CCM, Director of Education, CMAE

Federation of European Golf Greenkeepers Associations

Following the recent decision by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the EU, FEGGA does not feel that this decision will impact on the Federation. FEGGA is made up of 24 National Greenkeeper Associations, and not all of these are full members of the EU, so this is not an unusual situation for our organisation and its ongoing work. Norway and Switzerland are not full members of the EU, and they fully engage in the work of FEGGA. In particular Norway have engaged strongly in Education, using the Pan European Standards that have been created to their own benefit, and their government recognising these as professional industry standards, that have major benefits to their golf industry.

FEGGA works with the EU through various channels, and has been able to grow education through these channels, with many Countries benefiting from this work. This work will continue, and through this work it’s the profession that gains, and not just individual Countries.

FEGGA also works with many of the leading European companies that are playing a major role in serving our industry, and benefiting golf as a whole. They should not be forgotten in the impact it might have on them, and we as an organisation are committed to work with them as they work through this period.

From a UK perspective, BIGGA are a very prominent member of FEGGA, and FEGGA very much supports their comments regarding the upcoming period of uncertainty with the economy, and also the commitment they have made to their own members, and also the golf industry as a whole.

FEGGA is Dedicated to Communicate and Share Environmentally Sustainable Ideals and Skills for Quality Golf Course Management

Dean Cleaver, Executive Officer, FEGGA

PGAs of Europe

“I am disappointed that Britain is no longer part of the EU and its political and economic structure. We will of course be examining any implications to our business that this may bring but are hopeful that these will be minimal.

“The PGAs of Europe already have member countries, including Switzerland and Norway for example, who sit outside of the EU, along with some International Members, and our focus will continue to be in providing expertise to advance golf across Europe and beyond through setting standards and providing assistance to our Member PGAs, their PGA Professionals and other golfing bodies.

“Whilst Britain will no longer be part of the EU, it remains very much part of Europe, and our mission to develop the game and our members will not change.”

Ian Randell, Chief Executive,PGAs of Europe

Golf Club Managers Association statement

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