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KG Golf Ball Warmer – for hotter shots!

8.25am 21st September 2007 - Corporate

The average golfer dreams of hitting high, towering drives 350 yards like the big hitters do on TV. This is especially the case when the event is played in a hot climate – at this year’s PGA Championship the temperatures averaged over 100 degrees. Commentators kept stressing how much further the golf ball goes in hot weather. King Golf’s product means hot balls all year round with the patent pending KG Golf Ball Warmer.

The KG Golf Ball Warmer uses common hand warmers in a patent pending designed holder that will keep golf balls hot and get them down the fairway to places you‘ve never hit to before! The holder attaches to the side of the golf bag and heats up to six balls.

For more information, pricing and dealer/distributor enquiries, contact: KING GOLF, 729 Cypress St., Newburgh, IN 47630, USA Tel: Int. +1 (812) 858-4800,


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