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Hole More Putts™ Launches PGA Pro Re-Reseller Programme

12.47pm 19th October 2017 - Corporate

HOLE MORE PUTTS™ – the ultimate hi-tech solution to getting the ball in the hole – has announced the introduction of a scheme that rewards PGA Pro’s for every unit they purchase on behalf of their members but without them having to carry stock in the pro shop itself.

Addressing the ball

Through the PGA Pro Re-Seller programme units are purchased through the PGA Member online ordering facility with discounts instantly applied at the point of purchase. As the number of units sold increases, the value of the discount increases accordingly.

Robert Slade-Baker, Head of Business Development said “We have created the opportunity for the PGA Pro to benefit financially from every HOLE MORE PUTTS™ unit that they sell through their pro shop – without the need for a big upfront commitment in stock or units.

As their orders increase through the year a PGA Pro can receive between 15% and 23.5%  per unit – not a bad return on a product with no outlay and no shelf space requirement.

Having worked closely with PGA Pro’s over the last 15 years I’ve seen the value that they add to the industry and the important role that they play as trusted advisors within the golfing community.  We’re delighted to introduce this scheme to them so that they can enjoy the benefits of selling one of golf’s most unique training products.”

Signing up to the PGA Re-Seller Programme couldn’t be simpler.  Log in to and complete the registration details to set up your account.

Featuring an iPad style tablet and patented infrared technology, HOLE MORE PUTTS™ measures the five key elements of the putting stroke as defined by the PGA – face angle, impact point, path, angle of attack and speed – providing instant analysis of the stroke on a hi-visibility screen.

HOLE MORE PUTTS™ Technology analyses the putting stroke and after just 5 putts calculates a player’s ‘Putting Index’ – their putting performance score.  When synchronized with the Tablet, the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ App & Website give a visualization of each putt, detailed analysis of the putting stroke and personalized video instruction in an easy-to-follow format.

For more details contact Robert Slade –Baker, Head of Business Development

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