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GolfBuddy is official yardage measuring device of EGTMA

1.00pm 24th November 2017 - Corporate

GolfBuddy, a leader in the golf GPS industry, has agreed on a partnership with the EGTMA to become its official yardage measuring device for EGTMA events. This will allow EGTMA members to try out the latest GolfBuddy yardage measuring devices and report on them when they are out playing golf courses around the world.

The EGTMA organises many media fam trips during the year and all of them are played on courses members may or may not be very familiar with. Golf enjoyment all starts with having access to exact yardages to hazards and pins and is a pre-requisite to playing great golf. This ultimately results in an enthusiastic journalist eloquently describing that joy to their readers and providing an upbeat recollection of their experience.

As much as ‘Accuracy Matters’ when playing golf, it also matters for journalists when describing destinations to their readers. The both combined makes this partnership a perfect fit.

Jo Maes, President of the EGTMA: “Since our start back in 2006, we have organically upped our profile to become the ‘go to’ media association for destinations to receive quality journalists and far-reaching coverage. We were also and probably the first golf media organisation to recognise the importance of the online reporting at a time where golf media was still focussing on the printed word. We welcome a brand like GolfBuddy and their motto ‘Accuracy Matters’ which perfectly aligns with our ethos.”

“We are always interested to showcase our products to the media and in particular the travelling media. As they play around the world, having access to accurate yardages enhances their appreciation of the golf course and destination.” Adds Harry Jung, President of GolfBuddy. “Here at GolfBuddy, we recognise that our motto ‘Accuracy Matters’ is equally as important to journalists when writing as it is to golfers when playing, therefore the partnership with the EGTMA is a perfect fit.”

Next year, the EGTMA has already confirmed or are about to confirm media trips to Ireland, North & West Coast Links and The Scandinavian near Copenhagen. EGTMA members are also in line to visit new destinations with the ‘Cote d’Opale in Northern France and a first for most of us with a visit to Poland initiated by SandValley GC.

The EGTMA was founded in 2006 and has already generated many millions of Euros worth of media coverage in Europe. The Association has around 100 registered members with a mix of both online, offline as other media outlets and another 500 media contacts in its database. The EGTMA has organised more than 50 media fam trips all over the world and is associated with the PGAs of Europe to assist them to raise their profile in their member countries. Other partners are GolfinFlanders, North and West Coast Links, The Scandinavian, Zala Springs and GolfBuddy.

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