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GEO Foundation Marks World Environment Day 2020

9.57am 5th June 2020 - Corporate

Today marks the UN’s World Environment Day. Last year, GEO Foundation focused on how golf courses could play an important role in Beating Air Pollution.

And whilst so much has changed in the world since then, some underlying trends and issues are as important as ever.  

This year we are celebrating golf’s contribution to nature – how it helps to conserve the rare and the common, the iconic and the invisible – and how golf’s global diversity of landscapes and ecosystems (the woodlands, the wetlands, the grasslands and the dunes) all offer safe haven for our wildlife.

Of all the environmental and sustainability issues we face, perhaps no other fits so well with golf – an outdoor sport and recreation that brings people into direct contact with their local green spaces, and the species that live there.

We also highlight some of those Sustainability Champions and leaders in golf who are making sure this doesn’t just happen by accident; who, through careful stewardship, are ensuring their courses are as valuable to nature as possible.

There’s also a firm focus on the benefits to golf clubs and golfers. For example, how nature can create new efficiencies; provide natural solutions to course issues like flooding; add to the experience and fun golfers have; and be a point of genuine pride in the local community.

Watch the World Environment Day video below to find out more:

You can view more of golf’s contribution to fostering nature on the GEO Twitter feed or by browsing the growing number of grassroots highlights at OnCourse.

We hope these inspire you and your club to make time #ForNature


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