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Foresight Sports Offers Total Driving Range™ Service

3.03pm 6th February 2019 - Corporate

In answer to the rapidly growing demand for range entertainment solutions, Foresight Sports has announced the launch of Total Range™, a comprehensive performance and entertainment offering for range facilities of every size, design, and audience.

Combining the company’s industry-leading launch monitor technology with a broad spectrum of performance entertainment software and enterprise management applications, the Total Range™ solution delivers an unmatched level of precision, variety, and ease-of-use to the customer experience. According to Foresight Sports Vice President Jon Watters, Total Range™ solutions also deliver the right mix of integrated technology and applications necessary to drive greater revenue, customer retention – and ultimately ROI – to the facility quickly.

“While the demand for range experience technology has grown exponentially, the options up until now have been very limited in both their capability and flexibility,” says Watters. “What we’re most excited about is the opportunity to bring a complete experience to the range bay without limitations. That’s really what sets our Total Range™ solutions apart – the lack of limitations in the technology.”

In addition to major technological benefits, Watters also says the company’s unique approach to implementing solutions offers a distinct advantage.

“We go into every facility relationship not just as a technology provider, but as a true partner,” says Watters. “On the technology side, we can offer the industry’s most accurate and reliable launch monitors, the largest library of course and games available, and the most complete and trusted data–period. On the partner side, our world-class engineering team knows how to guide clients through every step of the process and design a solution to the exact needs of the facility. And perhaps most importantly, we can offer flexible financial solutions that let our Total Range™ partners achieve their goals with minimal risk or exposure.”

Foresight Sports is currently completing Total Range™ installations at facilities in both the U.S. and international markets. While each Total Range™ solution is a unique combination of the company’s industry leading and award-winning technology, according to Watters the end result is always the same.

“Happy customers enjoying a truly rewarding and entertaining experience. That’s the bottom line. If customers walk out of the bay smiling, everything else – more customers, more visits, and more revenue – is sure to follow.”

Foresight Sports successfully showcased its Total Range™ solution range of products at last month’s PGA Merchandise Show, with its highly anticipated ceiling-mounted GCHawk launch monitor taking centre stage.

The Total Range™ solution line-up attracted a mass audience, with visitors in Orlando intrigued to find out more about the precise and unrivalled data captured using Foresight Sports technology.

Full details of Total Range™ can be seen at

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