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BODITRAK appoints Optimum Golf Technologies for UK & Ireland

3.43pm 12th February 2018 - Corporate

BODITRAK, an industry leader in pressure sensors and ground force mechanics, has appointed Guildford-based Optimum Golf Technologies as its exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland market.

The Canadian company is a market leader in force & pressure-sensors in the golf market offering portable, affordable, indoor/outdoor technology allowing users to create a solid foundation for their golf swing. Through an IOS app, BODITRAK offers fully integrated video and data-based performance analysis to help teaching professionals convey real time interaction with the ground before and during the golf swing.

BODITRAK’s wireless systems scan the surface of its 3-layer smart fabric Vector mat or plate over a hundred times per second, demonstrating precisely how a golfer applies pressure to the ground from heel to toe and lead to trail leg. From the resulting feedback, the golfer can be advised on the most solid set up position at address and optimise kinetic movements throughout the swing itself for more consistent, accurate and powerful shots.

To help users best interpret the data provided, BODITRAK offers its own training certification in ground force mechanics designed by Mark Blackburn and Dr. Sasho Mackenzie, two of the leading minds in the industry – more info at

It has partnered with FootJoy, and also presents at seminars run by TPI, the world’s leading education organisation dedicated to the study of how the body functions in relation to the golf swing. There are more than 20,000 TPI-certified professionals in 63 countries assisting players of all skill levels.

Optimum Golf Technologies (OGT) has been operating since 2010 supplying, installing and supporting the leading technologies across the golf industry. Their Guildford-based team also handle the design and build of golf studios, swing rooms, and indoor golf simulators for their club, pro, retail, and private clients.

OGT represents the market-leading launch monitor and simulator brand Foresight Sports across the EMEA region and has been instrumental in the growth of Swing Catalyst’s complete sports and motion systems in the highly competitive UK market.

“We’ve appointed Optimum Golf because it has a very strong track record in supplying the golf industry with advanced game-changing technology,” said John Thorp, BODITRAK’s President. “We believe we offer the most user-friendly ground mechanics platform in golf at an attainable price point. So we’re confident that our association with Optimum will lead to an increased presence in the important UK and Ireland market.”

Commenting on the new appointment, OGT Director Edward Doling said: “As a leading-edge sports technology company that shares our enthusiasm for providing insightful real-time data to make a genuine difference to teaching lessons and performance levels, BODITRAK is a great addition to our portfolio. The fact that it can be operated so easily indoors or outdoors means that there is great potential for the full range of versatile BODITRAK products in this market and beyond.”

OGT +44 (0) 1483 779224.


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