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Bedlam Adds Christmas Novelty Value

12.40pm 15th November 2016 - Corporate


Bedlam Golf is determined to help shoppers find some genuine novelty value this Christmas.

Well-meaning friends and family have often struggled to find suitable gifts for golfers with a host of accessories unwrapped on Christmas morning every year.

Amusingly-shaped tees, devices which supposedly help you find lost balls, unfathomable golf ball marker tools, joke golf balls (which won’t confuse anyone into actually hitting them), indoor putting practice machines – the list is endless.

What many of these gifts have in common is that they have usually been purchased and given as generous presents by non-golfers – and then left unused in a wardrobe until the next car boot sale or charity shop drop-off.

But Bedlam Golf offers two-fold novelty with its outrageous outfits:  a gift which is totally different and of actual use for golfers.

Pete Wilson, managing director of Bedlam Golf, said: “Every golfer in the land has received a golf-themed Christmas gift from a friend or relative which is frankly a bit rubbish.

bedlam-christmas“It’s always appreciated and we know it’s the thought that counts – but we think you can get the golfer in your life something special that he will actually enjoy using. And it will definitely raise a smile as well.

“Our range of clothing is about fun and standing out from the crowd. There is absolutely no chance of going unnoticed in a pair of our trousers.”

Made in a slim-fit design from a hard-wearing polyester/spandex blend, the trousers come in a variety of dazzling designs (£34.99/£39.99) and are available up to a 42″ waist.

The designs include polka dots, stripes, diamonds, flowers and other unfathomable colours and shapes, which rarely feature on the fashion pages of respected magazines.

They are just as suitable for husbands, partners, dads, uncles, grandfathers and anyone else with an eye for the daring – including a junior range for younger fashion daredevils.

And there is now also a special Christmas gift box available for golfers to take advantage of over the festive season. Featuring the combination of a pair of trousers, a polo shirt and a cap, the full outfit is on sale for only £74.99, while gift packaging (£5.99) is available for the entire range.

Wilson said: “It’s not about how cool you can look on the golf course – it’s all supposed to be a bit of fun. But anyone who wears Bedlam doesn’t take themselves too seriously. There no longer an excuse for dull or useless golf-related Christmas gifts!”

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