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Top marks for Tri-Golf

12.30am 22nd January 2002 - People

A survey into the use of Tri-Golf revealed that the initiative in its first year reached an impressive 60,000 children of whom 38% were girls. The survey questioned teachers, golf professionals, club officials and local authority officers and 100% reported that the equipment and games were popular with the children.

All those using Tri-Golf also reported that the children were able to achieve success quickly and 91% believed that the lightness of the clubs made it easier for the children to control their swing.

Users were asked to rate the grip, the colour of the kit, the carrying bag, the games and the balls on a scale of one (poor) to five (excellent) and in every instance the score was over four.

During 2001 Tri-Golf was delivered to around 1,000 schools and 340 individuals were qualified as Tri-Golf ‘activators’.

The Golf Foundation’s executive director, Mike Round, is very pleased with the progress. “There is no doubting the fact that Tri-Golf is a popular and effective grass roots development tool and we will be working hard to promote the initiative through 2002 and beyond.”

For information about purchasing a Tri-Golf set telephone 0870 6000 195.

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