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Tiger meets gopher

2.15pm 27th February 2004 - People

American Express will feature Tiger Woods spoofing cult-favourite ‘Caddyshack‘ in a new commercial that will premiere during the World Golf Championships and the Academy Awards on ABC on 29th February. The commercial entitled “Tigershack” is a hilarious look at what happens when the world’s most famous golfer meets the world’s most famous gopher. The ad parallels ‘Caddyshack‘ but features a “happy ending thanks to the American Express Card.”
Tiger Woods will step into the role of a course superintendent with a serious vendetta against a menacing, dancing gopher, who is terrorizing his golf course. The commercial, which uses the script from ‘Caddyshack‘ as well as original footage, shows Woods‘ schemes to destroy the gopher, including flooding the gopher’s hole with a giant hose, spraying it with a fire extinguisher and finally trying to blast it out of the ground with clay explosives in the shape of a gopher and tiger.
In addition to the television spots, the ‘Tigershack‘ commercial, which has been cut into 60-second and 90-second spots, will also be presented in cinemas showing on 20,000 screens.
John Hayes, chief marketing officer, American Express, says, “It’s no secret that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest players in the history of golf. What we discovered is that he is also a master comedian and actor — at least when it comes to doing scenes from ‘Caddyshack‘. The fans will see a side of Tiger they rarely get to see.”
Woods took his role very seriously. “‘Caddyshack‘ is one of my all-time favourite movies,” he said. “I was thrilled that American Express decided to go forward with this commercial. During the shoot, I had a lot of fun — the whole experience was challenging, entertaining and something I will never forget.”
Tiger Woods
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