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The Toughest Golf Granny?

1.10pm 12th August 2016 - People

Benedicte Kruse (left) and Tuula Undall
Benedicte Kruse (left) and Tuula Undall

Frank Undall (handicap 18), from Danish communications agency Newsline, thinks that his wife Tuula (handicap 7) is one amazing lady! Here he tells us why.

My wife through 35 years of marriage is both beautiful and kind, writes Frank Undall of but she is also a bit crazy, especially when it comes to golf…

One year ago we played a round at The Scandinavian with Kristin Julie Klæbo, who is the golf manager at Haga GC in Norway. She said that she once played 100 holes in one day. Tuula, who is golf manager at The Scandinavian, immediately stated that she wanted to play 101 holes.

This summer some elite golfers from Sorø GC (center of Zealand) in Denmark played 101 holes, and so Tuula raised the bar to 102. That was only until the head pro at The Scandinavian, Camilla Brok (who, by the way, is the world’s first female TrackMan University Master) said that as a youngster she played six rounds (108 holes) at the very hilly course in Søllerød north of Copenhagen. Tuula said: “Then I’m going to play 109 holes in daylight with my golfbuddy Benedicte Kruse (handicap 11,9 and member of Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort that hosts MADE IN DENMARK European Tour).

Said and now done. Tuula (member of Royal Copenhagen GC and The Scandinavian GC) plays from 8,1 and on July 6, 2016 from 04.17 to 22.43 (18 hours and 26 minutes) they played six rounds and 1 hole at Old Course. They walked 70+ kilometers, they hit more than 600 strokes, and except from the first two rounds they made more than 30 stablefordpoints in each round.

“I have never played this fast before,” said Benedicte Kruse.

The only “help” they had was an electric trolley (new batteries every round) and me as an assistant (replacement when one trolley broke down and every nine holes fetching cafe latte in line traffic). I also documented the trip. But then I had a buggy!

Tuula is 57 years old and Benedicte is 60, so they are most likely the two toughest granny golfers in the Nordics. We have, however, found two swedish males who are said to have played 167 holes in a row, but we suspect this to be north of the polar circle, where there is no night during the summertime. The (unofficial) record from the girls was made within the 18 hours and 26 minutes there was daylight in Denmark.

And it was made during VERY significant weather conditions: First six hours it was like a monsoon rain pouring down (The Scandinavian is well drained and capable of swallowing 100 mm rain per hour and still be playable), then came sun for three hours followed by wind with shocks up to 25 m/sec.

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