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John Hellström – Sweden´s first Dr. Golf

3.24am 29th February 2012 - People

John Hellström

John Hellström, founder of, successfully defended his doctoral thesis in Sports Sciences, called “Expert Performance in Golf”. He then became one of the few professional golf coaches in the world to earn this academic title.

“I will now focus on providing applied research, tests and individual training methods that meet the demands of elite players and PGA coaches striving toward lower scores. One aim is to support different experts to work more effectively around the players”, says John Hellström.

The thesis has a multi-disciplinary approach, meaning that different areas are integrated with the intention to better understand expert performance.

“The game statistics, technical, physical and psychological findings from the thesis will be used in an easy to understand way on This means that we continue to support and enhance the training processes for the national teams, academies and players that use our site,” continues John Hellström.

GolfPyramid is probably the worlds most advanced website for dedicated golfers, coaches, academies and organizations. It is used in over ten countries on five continents. contains a whole-in-one toolbox for game statistics, technique, fitness, psychology and equipment. With a strong base in sport science, this site enables players and experts to work together toward lower scores in a unique and effective way.

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