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9.10am 5th January 2022 - People

Brothers Brian and Philip Sparks are celebrating 100 years of experience as Golf Professionals. They registered with the PGA in 1967 and 1974 respectively.

Brian started playing golf aged 15 at East Berks Golf Club and took to golf like a duck to water, turning pro a year later and playing on the European circuit within three years. Having found the game easy and fun at the outset, relying on natural instinct and copying good players, Brian while trying to improve, experienced interference (advice) from those around him, thereby making things more complicated. He was convinced there must be an easier way and so once Philip and Brian started working together in 1974, they decided to throw the rule book out of the window and commenced a lifelong search for better and easier ways to play the game.

Brian published his book “Positive Impact Golf” in 2010* and released a video clip called “The Easiest Swing in Golf” on YouTube. The combination of both has led to the birth of The Easiest Swing Club, a virtual, online golf club, which will be open for membership in spring 2022.

The movement of Easiest Swing is truly international with people in almost every country where golf is played joining in. There are currently coaches helping people to find this Easier way to play golf, in Great Britain, America, Denmark, Holland, Vietnam, Majorca, France and soon Liberia. The community who have learnt this style of play will be able to meet and discuss all relevant topics in the new Club, as well as tapping into a resource of all the knowledge gained by the coaches around the world.

There will be rooms in the Club to assist with learning more about this relaxed and natural way to swing the Club through articles, chat, blogs and videos, as well as rooms to assist with psychology, breathing, meditation, stretching, fitness and nutrition, all for a small monthly subscription.

There will also be Brian’s Bar where there will be a whole plethora of notes and tales from Brian’s extensive coaching life. The community will be able to use the Club to meet other members and travel around the world to play golf with likeminded people.

Who benefits from Easiest Swing the most?

Well, we have had golfers of all ages apply the principles including some tour players, but the ones who seem to benefit the most seem to be the ones most maligned and confused by traditional coaching…. the senior golfer. These are the largest single group of golfers worldwide (in excess of 40 million golfers), but traditional coaching seems to have ignored and bypassed them. We believe that only six books have been written for this group in the last quarter of a century! Furthermore, traditional Professional education hardly even broaches the subject.

What is the difference between this system and other coaching methods?

Mostly it is about removing a fear of movement through a combination of exercises designed to allow players to explore different concepts. Usually, this is done by challenging player’s beliefs and rather than being told how to do things, the coach allows and encourages the student to discover movements that are designed to help them swing in a more relaxed and unconstrained fashion. The net result? A more fluid, uncomplicated, easier action that is more readily repeatable and one that conforms to the student’s body and ability. They quickly learn to trust this, rather than attempting something that is imposed on them by trying to copy top players, which they find more difficult and unnatural. Brian would argue that all player’s best swings are already within them, they merely need to remove the clutter to get to the authentic swing that lies beneath.

Pros who have adopted Easiest Swing go through a rigorous six-month training programme but all state that their coaching becomes far more enjoyable and successful and the results from their students speak for themselves. The coaches are amazed by the number of unsolicited emails and testimonials they get from their students. What’s more their own game always improves beyond recognition too.

Brian has had a lifetime battle with cancer starting in his mid-twenties and returning in his early sixties. Age 62 he was predicted to live no longer than a further two years. However, he celebrated his seventieth in 2021, sadly he is currently in palliative care. He remains positive and in good spirits despite his prospects. He is happy to think that Easiest Swing is going to continue when he is no longer at the helm, and he sees this as the legacy of his lifetime’s work.

Brian has worked as Pro at East Berks, The Downshire, Dyrham Park, Barton-on-Sea, Staverton Park, Stoneham, Sully-sur-Loire, Golf D’Ardree, Manston and Canterbury and as General Manager at, Sable, Chateau des Sept Tours, Les Bordes, The Lambourne Club.

Philip has worked as Pro at Barton-on-Sea, Staverton Park, Datchet, Princes as Head Pro and Director of Golf, and as General Manager at Boughton, Manston (later becoming owner).

* As of 2021 Positive Impact Golf has been published in English, German and Danish and has sold over 20,000 copies

Any Golf Pro wanting to be more successful and gain joy from their coaching and see their students instantly improve, please contact Philip Sparks at


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