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Snainton Golf Power Tee Upgrade

1.20pm 2nd December 2015 - Opinion

Snainton Golf Power TeesJohn Hinchcliffe PGA Professional and owner of the successful Snainton Golf talks to us about the recent upgrade of the Power Tees on site at Snainton.

We had Power Tee originally installed around nine years ago. We were one of the early innovators that embraced the Power Tee technology and differentiated ourselves in our area.

Power Tee is the obvious choice if you want your driving range to be the best in your area, they have stood the test of time and evolved. They are in my opinion the only viable option for an automated tee on the driving range.

Our upgrade ran smoothly as you come to expect from a company with such high standards. The superb insights given to us by Matt Foley for marketing the Power Tees and the facility are all part of the Power Tee package, they really are more than just a great product.

Snainton Golf has its head office situated near Scarborough and is the home of one of the UK’s premium golf websites. Snainton Golf offers all the latest golf equipment at the best possible prices.

Differentiating ourselves from our competitors has always been at the forefront of what we do throughout all of our stores. We have two superstores (Snainton and Sheffield) and we also stock 14 Pro shops on a profit share basis.

Being a PGA professional I understand how tough retail is for green-grass sites which is why we work with so many Pros, who might not have the wherewithal to retail as they would like or simple do not wish to retail, I am proud to work with my fellow professionals and help their business succeed.

Snainton Golf Shop
Snainton Golf Shop

At Snainton Golf we are proud to offer great service with the best prices available, this is a combination that has seen us continue to grow our business.

Our business is diverse as I was always wary of having all my eggs in one basket, the different income streams mean that if one element has a quiet period the others compensate and still perform strongly.”

Matt Foley, Sales Director of Power Tee, said, “I have known John for many years and have always admired how well he runs his entire operation. Retail is exciting and a great arena to work in, if you have a passion for it, if not leave it to those that do! John has that passion and the ‘Eye for retail’ his attention to detail and the quality of service he expects from all of his team is unrivalled.

“I was pleased to meet up with John again recently as he expressed his desire to upgrade his Power Tees, after 9 years I think the originals had served a good innings! The new ‘Noir’ edition look great on John’s range with his black rubber crumb flooring and his fantastic looking outfield. Our remit is to provide our customers with the world’s best automated teeing system and to offer the very best service we can in support of that. Our commercial insights are part of what we do, it is great to hear such positive feedback from industry leaders, our respect of them is mutual.”

Readers who wish to speak to John about how Power Tee  works for him at Snainton or how he may be able to help your retail in your store contact

To find out how Power Tee will improve your range business contact and one of the team will contact you.

Power Tee

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