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Pay less and get more from your marketing in 2017, with personal golf marketing assistants

11.46pm 6th December 2016 - Opinion

intuitive-edge-clientsIntuitive Edge are continuing to influence the golfing industry with their modern approach to how golf should be advertised, online. As businesses’ ‘personal marketing assistants‘, they are helping golf businesses across the country achieve a higher return on every £1 spent by ensuring a qualified, experienced, golf marketer is constantly available to support and deliver their marketing material, relieving stress from office staff and generating higher quality results. With their portfolio of golf businesses now up to 17, it’s clear that their niche service (usually without any contract ties) is being highly recognised as an invaluable resource for golf businesses. If this sounds like something your club/ business could use, scroll to the bottom now for a freebie…

Are leaflet drops generating footfall?

Did that membership flyer lead to any enquiries?

Did any of our marketing even work?

Intuitive Edge want to change golf’s vision when it comes to attracting customers. Through utilising a structured marketing schedule, unique initiatives, and measurable campaigns, they’re changing the way that golf businesses approach their marketing, and their rapid growth over the last 12 months speaks for itself. Harry Boyd, Co-Founder of Intuitive Edge, says: “One of the most common reasons golf clubs aren’t getting the most out of their marketing is their lack of resources, expertise, and experience. They also tend to have a fairly restricted marketing budget, which is why it’s important that every £1 is tracked so not only does it help to indicate what’s working and what’s not, but it gives the club a clear, accurate ROI, allowing them to build on and improve their marketing activities with confidence”.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed

With the array of online marketing possibilities now available (which are changing and developing every day) a huge percentage of golf clubs are missing the boat when it comes to attracting customers through online platforms. Traditional methods of marketing can still add value to a club’s overall marketing strategy, but, those determined to continue with traditional marketing methods at the forefront of their strategy will soon, unfortunately, be a thing of the past.

So, ask yourself:

  1. Is there structure to your marketing?
  2. Have you got a plan in place for 2017, and are online methods your main focus?
  3. Are you confident your plan ticks all the boxes?

If not, maybe it’s worth getting a second opinion… Intuitive Edge are offering 3 golf businesses an exclusive offer to mark their 2 year anniversary, in the form of a 1 month free trial with no obligation to continue after the trial ends. With only 3 spaces available, speak to their friendly team today and start 2017’s marketing with an edge – Harry’s online now and ready to chat: or, if you’d prefer to talk over the phone, call Brandon on 01243 523133

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