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GUARANTEE – we’ll get you 50 society leads or give you your money back

2.40pm 15th November 2017 - Opinion

Picture this. You turn up for a golf lesson where your pro guarantees they’ll have you shooting 65 next round, otherwise you get your money back. It’d be hard to turn that down, wouldn’t it?

Well, this lesson is available, but in the form of how you advertise for society bookings at your golf club – if you want guaranteed results or your money back you’re reading the right article, writes Harry Boyd from Intuitive Edge Marketing.

Intuitive Edge Marketing have been delivering unique society campaigns for a range of golf clubs over the past 12 months, which have proven to be 100% successful at every venue. These campaigns have collected high quality leads of a huge number of society organisers using one of the most cost-effective advertising tools on the planet – Facebook.

Here’s the kind of data that they’ve recently collected from society organisers for various golf clubs around the South of England:

Society name ✔

Number of golfers in the society ✔

How often their group plays per year ✔

Where they’re playing their next society ✔

What their normal society package consists of ✔

How much they normally pay for this package ✔

What their budget is per person ✔

Organiser contact information ✔

The 3 clubs that Intuitive Edge have most recently run this campaign for have collected all this data for 78, 125, and 134 society organisers respectively, all of whom can be followed up to secure future bookings.

All this for a fraction of the cost of a newspaper or magazine ad… The stats don’t lie:

Why this is great news for your club

Due to their confidence in the initiative, Intuitive Edge are offering to design, deliver, and report on this campaign for 5 golf clubs that are curious about how effective social media can be for attracting new customers. Even better, as they’re so confident in the success of this campaign, they’re offering this for a total cost of only £195 + VAT, and guarantee these 5 clubs a minimum of 50 society leads or their money back!

This is a ‘done for you’ service, meaning Intuitive Edge will do all the legwork, and you take all the profits – you’ve just got to get in there before 5 other clubs…

“Golf tends to fall behind other industries when it comes to marketing initiatives. Our process is unique, easy to run from an operational perspective, and has proved to be 100% effective – it’s a no brainer”, says Boyd.


Simply visit their website by clicking here and type ‘Society Golf’ into their live chat in the bottom right corner of the screen. They’ll then discuss the best society promotion for your club and walk you through the entire process as the campaign progresses, so you’re kept completely in the loop and always have full control.

Got A Question About Your Marketing?

You can speak to the team between 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, by visiting their website:

Intuitive Edge have been brilliant in helping our company grow and attract more customers. They are so friendly and easy to work with and always go the extra mile they really are the perfect match for our business.– Claire Jackson, Southwick Park Golf Club

Not only have the social media and email marketing campaigns generated new customers, but our second objective of improving our email communication with members has been achieved, with nothing but praise being heard around the office! Were attracting new customers all the time, keeping potential customers up to date with our latest promotions, and also keeping our members happy.– Peter Ives, Director, Enfield Golf Club


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