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Albatross Digital Offers Free Media Spend

2.40pm 14th April 2021 - Opinion

Albatross, the perception breaking digital agency, are offering 3 Golf Clubs £500 free media spend to bring in new golfers, with their tried and tested Golf For Everyone (GFE) approach.

“Golf, unfortunately, still has a perception problem,” writes James Wilkinson, Founder, Albatross Digital.

“For those who have never picked up a club, it’s seen as a non-inclusive, expensive and unwelcoming pastime; reserved only for older, posher gentleman. Whilst we firmly disagree with this, the masses simply don’t feel that golf is a sport for them.

“It’s not all bad news though…With the right creative marketing approach, overcoming and changing those perceptions is surprisingly achievable. It of course needs careful planning, but when executed well the opportunity for golf clubs is fantastic.

“The UK industry’s first virtual golf event highlighted that only 8% of the population think golf is a sport for them, whilst Syngenta has reported that female players could add $35 billion (£28 billion) to the global golf economy. As it stands women currently account for just 24% of golfers worldwide – we need to engage this audience in the right way so that golf can unlock this dormant opportunity.

“Our GFE model does this by presenting Golf in a new and accessible way, with communications and player pathways specifically designed to overcome the typical objections of non-golfers.

“We’ve had incredible success with our GFE model for a number of UK Golf Clubs and want to share that same success with more clubs.

“One of these clubs has had over a 100 new golfers enlisting within the programme each month, generating a 400% return on investment over a 2 year period.

“This is an opportunity that not only yields commercial gain but also pushes the game forwards. We believe it’s a win-win situation. 

“At Albatross we are truly committed to growing the game. We believe that attracting new audiences to golf is vital for its long term success and we hope you share our views for the good of the game.

“This one time offer expires at the end of May. So if you want to deploy our Golf For Everyone model as soon as possible whilst taking advantage of the £500 free advertising, get in touch with us today at


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