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Towel Caddie – New to the golf market

7.18pm 27th February 2018 - New Products

This handy mini golf towel is attached to a retractable reel with a built-in carabiner clip and ball marker. It removes the need to walk to your golf bag to clean your golf ball or golf clubs. Not just a more convenient golf accessory – it speeds up play so golfers move round the course faster.

Towel Caddie solves these problems:

Towel Caddie can be easily clipped to any belt loop using the built-in carabiner clip. The towel is always to hand on a retractable reel to clean your golf ball and clubs at any time. The micro fibre towel has the advantage over a soft fabric towel as the fibres are more resilient when removing unwanted debris from the ball or golf club and absorb more moisture. It has been sized so that it fits neatly into the hand for easy cleaning.

Retractable reels come in a choice of 9 colours and its metal flat ball marker has a 25mm printed resin dome held onto the retractable reel by a magnet. Strong enough to keep in place it is also easy to remove when required to mark the golf ball. Towel Caddie comes in various options which allow for customisation of the reel, towel and ball marker (it can be purchased with or without the ball marker).

Towel Caddie was developed by Golf Tee Store, an established and leading provider of golf tees and accessories based near London.

Towel Caddie


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