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PuttView turns heads on European Tour

4.47pm 16th August 2017 - New Products

At last, here’s a golf technology product which can legitimately be described as a head-turner, without a hint of exaggeration.

When German firm Viewlicity demonstrated its PuttView augmented reality glasses on the PGA European Tour at the recent Porsche European Open, Tour pros and their coaches literally turned their heads from side to side as they enjoyed the sensation.

When playing outdoors, golfers wearing PuttView glasses can see the line and pace of a putt before they hit it, with a computer-generated display overlaid transparently onto the real world. On the Green Eagle Golf Courses putting green at the Porsche European Open, people were able to try the product for real – and the experience left people amazed.

“PuttView gave me a totally new putting experience when I tested it outdoors at the Porsche European Open. It is incredible to be able to see the line and pace of the putt before you hit it. It’s a really cool product!” said Johan Edfors – European Tour winner

Hinrich Arkenau – European Tour golfer, agreed. “PuttView is an awesome practice tool. Visualising the ball starting off on the right line gives the feedback you need to develop a consistent swing path and face angle throughout the stroke. It is impressive new golf technology, and I can see myself using it to practice my own putting,” he said.

European Tour golfer Chris Paisley summed up, “Incredible piece of technology this!” while Tour putting coach Phil Kenyon commented, “PuttView helps me coach vital skills such as green reading and speed control. Quite simply, it is one of the best tools I have at my disposal.”

PuttView’s immersive putting practice can be experienced in two products: the glasses for outdoor use, and an indoor version suitable for golf academies and private golf installations. Instead of using Augmented Reality glasses, the indoor version projects an animated light path directly onto the putting surface, enabling students to see the line and pace of a breaking putt.

In addition to running the glasses demonstration on the tournament putting green, PuttView creators Lukas Posniak and Christoph Pregizer also led their team as they showed the indoor product in the event Village, which was open to all spectators at the tournament.

“The Porsche European Open was the perfect place for us to present the PuttView glasses to Tour golfers, their coaches and the public for the first time” said Pregizer. “We divided our time between the event’s putting green, and the indoor Village where experienced putting coaches like AimPoint instructor Rolf Kinkel gave free public training sessions using PuttView.”

Lukas Posniak said: “Our wonderful PuttView staff worked hard to make this a memorable and successful week, but first and foremost we should thank Michael Blesch, Ralf Lühmann and the amazing team at Green Eagle Golf Courses. They followed their own vision for the week in hosting a major European Tour event, but still found the time to support us as we followed ours. We have such respect for what they have created there, and are very grateful for the opportunity.”

The indoor version of PuttView is available now, and an increasing number of golf coaches are using it to help their students improve their putting.

To arrange a free online live demo please contact Lukas Posniak on +49 176 70682670 or by email at



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