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Put The ‘Biteback’ In Your Game

12.21pm 5th December 2014 - New Products

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Biteback Sports range
Biteback Sports range

From an amateur’s summer afternoon round to Justin Rose being stung by a wasp mid-Ryder Cup, all golf players have dealt with the incessant noise and irritation of nature’s small insects. However, help is at hand thanks to a brand new product.

Biteback Sports have launched a range of apparel that is specifically designed to deter midges, mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies and any other creature that may interfere with your game.

Featuring patented Insect Shield® technology, the Biteback Sports range is available in sizes small to XXL and in a range of colours, each product offers full protection, without compromising on style. The built-in, effective and durable defence means that golfers will no longer have to liberally apply insect repellent mid-round. Designed to help players perform at their highest level, this innovative approach to clothing represents a step towards more functional sports apparel.

Steve Grant, CEO of Biteback Sports, said: “All players want to perform at the peak of their abilities, this isn’t always easy when you’re having to battle Mother Nature, that’s where Biteback Sports comes in! Our clothing will help stop players fighting the flying irritants and allow them to focus on their game.

“Scotland, for example, has some of the world’s finest and most famous golf courses, they also have an abundance of midges! Biteback Sports’ products will allow golfers to tackle the likes of St. Andrews, Gleneagles and The Carrick on Loch Lomond without having to worry about insect interference!”

Insect Sheild® technology provides durable, invisible and odourless protection which does not change the feel of the garment.

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