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ParryMeter creates new possibilities in turf measurement and management

11.12am 13th June 2014 - New Products

The ParryMeter  from above
The ParryMeter from above

A revolutionary new device which measures the smoothness and trueness of fine turf surfaces has been launched by its inventor, former Golf Course Manager Karl Parry, and development partner and exclusive worldwide distributor, Everris.

The ParryMeter gives turf managers the opportunity to own an accurate, user-friendly agronomy and performance management tool which feeds data directly to a custom-built smartphone application.

Recording, interpreting and reporting information has become an important aspect of golf course management. It aids planning and decision making, ensures budgets are used effectively, and increasingly helps organisations meet regulatory requirements.

Owning the device gives the turf manager total flexibility to take measurements as frequently as they choose and at times that suit them.

Each ParryMeter is precision engineered and assembled by hand in Wales before being rigorously tested.

It operates using a real Pro V1 golf ball which sits directly beneath the smartphone or iPod holder and mimics a golfer’s ball. The ParryMeter app records 2000 readings per run as the device rolls across the surface and the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope measure every single vertical and lateral deviation. The user can also opt to view the ball roll in real-time as they walk across the green. Results are measured in gravities and recorded in a specially developed app where they can be analysed, interpreted and shared.

The app, currently available for Apple devices but coming soon on Android, is simple to use and combines recorded data with user-inputted information to produce a comprehensive greens performance profile.

Everris is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fertilisers, plant protection and control products, grass seed and other specialist products, champions integrated turf management through iTurf.

Henry Bechelet, the company’s Technical Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland sees the ParryMeter and the data it generates as important tools for optimizing turf health and performance:

“As soon as we saw the ParryMeter we wanted to become involved because it is clearly a game changer for greenkeeping. Greenkeepers will now be able to measure and understand the most important aspect of their greens – the smooth and true roll of a golf ball – and as a result know how best to maintain them. The ability to accurately measure putting surface smoothness and trueness will certainly drive the production of ever better standards of performance, and this is at the heart of the Everris philosophy.”

“The ParryMeter brings integrated turf management to life by giving greenkeepers the ability to evaluate the influence of all their treatments on the performance of the greens.”

“The revolution for greenkeeping will come as soon as the emphasis of surface preparation moves away from speed and on to surface smoothness and trueness, resulting in maintenance programmes that are less aggressive and focus more on turf health and cultural practice to create the perfect ball roll. The ParryMeter places a greater emphasis on surface refinement, effective nutrition and sound cultural practice, which is in all our interests.”

Karl Parry was a keen junior golfer and his interest in turf management developed after taking charge of a Par 3 9-hole golf course at Foregolf, Chester, at the age of 17. To further his career, Karl took part in the Ohio State University program, completing a turfgrass management internship at Tiburón Golf Club in Naples, Florida.

Upon returning to the UK, he took up a position at Mold Golf Club before becoming Course Manager at Denbigh Golf Club in 2009.

Fascinated by technology, ergonomics and engineering, he developed the Turf Brush System for use on fairway mowers, before inventing the ParryMeter in 2013.



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