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Otterbine Fountains Shine at The Belfry

1.30am 29th March 2011 - New Products - This story was updated on Monday, June 27th, 2011

A prototype Polaris giant aerating fountain from Otterbine has become the focal point of The Belfry’s famous Brabazon golf course.

Boasting a spectacular 35ft spray height, the 25hp fountain from water quality management expert Otterbine is not only set to keep the 18th hole lake crystal clear and algae-free but also gives a stunning night-time glow, thanks to the addition of optional night-time lights.

Commenting on the newly installed fountain, the Sutton Coldfield club’s director of golf courses and grounds, Kenny Mackay, says: “The lake on the 18th is a key hole for the Brabazon golf course and an impressive fountain was, we felt, the only way forward. It looks fantastic by day, but by night the glow from the water column looks even more impressive and finishes off the surroundings perfectly.”

The Belfry is also benefiting from six Sunburst aerating fountains dotted across the three courses’ lakes and water features. As functional as they are beautiful, the spray from the units mixes both surface and bottom waters in lakes no more than 15ft deep to break up algae mats and discourage mosquito breeding come the summer.

And last, but by no means least, the estate’s irrigation lake has also been installed with two High Volume sub-surface aerators, perfect for keeping shallower waters clean, clear and healthy.

“The Otterbines provide the necessary aeration for maintaining water quality,” Kenny continues. “We hope that the units will help to reduce algae growth and should see the benefits of this after a full season of them being installed. We receive and recycle all the waste water from the hotel, so it is essential that we keep our focus on water management across the grounds to ensure we make the most of this resource.”

With these units replacing Otterbines installed in the 90s, Kenny says that he was more than happy to stick with the brand. “The lifespan and quality of the units speaks for itself. The product is fantastic and now that our water resources manager Matthew Gilks has been given the training he needs directly by Otterbine we are now in a better position to keep them serviced and maintained for even longer.”

For more information on Otterbine’s range of aerating fountains and how they can help improve water quality, contact distributor Lely UK on 01480 226848 or email to request a free leaflet on the benefits of aeration, ‘It’s Never Too Late To Aerate’.



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