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New Prints for the New Year

1.01pm 9th January 2015 - New Products

Loudmouth Stepping Out and Dipstick
Loudmouth Stepping Out and Dipstick

Loudmouth Golf is starting the year with a bang by releasing two bonus design, ‘Steppin Out’ and ‘Dipstick’. The new designs feature Loudmouth’s legendary chevron and paint prints in new colour variations.

“Steppin’ Out” – In true Loudmouth style, we took classic chevron and turned it up a notch with a 90-degree twist. You’ll be ready to ‘step out on the town’ in this rainbow zigzag pattern!

“Dipstick” – An eye-catching black and white version of Loudmouth’s top-selling paint pattern. Loudmouth Founder and Designer Woody! says black and white can be loud too!

“Over the years, I’ve found that black and white could be just as loud as multi-coloured patterns. Some people like black and white more than bright colours, so I always try to offer something for them, like a restaurant having one vegetarian dish on the menu,” says Woody! “When it comes to Steppin’ Out, I was inspired by the chevron print trend, and in true Loudmouth style, I turned it sideways.”

‘Steppin Out’ and ‘Dipstick’ are available in Europe for both men and women in trousers, shorts, skorts and mini-shorts. These designs are only available via Loudmouth Made-to-Order (MTO), which lets customers customise the waist size and length of their garment to provide the ultimate fit. Loudmouth trousers, shorts, skorts and mini-shorts are made in 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

The two new patterns are available now at

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