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New Flagship Trolley from Motocaddy

8.54am 6th February 2012 - New Products

Motocaddy S3 PRO

Motocaddy has built on the success of its multi-award winning trolley range by introducing a new flagship model for 2012.

The Motocaddy S3 PRO introduces never-seen-before digital features, such as ‘lost ball’ and ‘round’ timers to give players the ultimate golfing experience.

Ideal for competitive play, the ‘lost ball’ timer is activated by the simple push of a button and a discrete series of beeps lets golfers know when five minutes has elapsed. In addition, the ‘round’ timer allows the player to check up on the round duration at any point during the 18 holes.

“The inclusion of these new features really does make the S3 PRO the ‘must have’ trolley of 2012,” said Motocaddy Managing Director Tony Webb. “Each new element has been added with the consumer in mind and based on feedback from the Tour pros who use our trolleys.”

The distinctive S3 PRO has also taken on a fresh new look for 2012 with a restyled ergonomic handle, sporty wheels, battery tray, stylish frame colours and paint finishes – all contributing to its sleek, contemporary appearance.

The new innovations have added to a host of popular features that will continue from the previousS3 Digital model it is replacing, including a fully patented USB GPS charging port and an exclusive CartLock security device that enables the owner to set a pin code to render the trolley useless to a would-be thief.

Other standard features in the S3 PRO model are an Adjustable Distance Control (ADC), that allows the user to set the trolley to travel independently anywhere between 5-60 yards; a clock and battery meter; plus distance readings that can be reset at any time to determine the length of drives or distance past a yardage marker. It can even tell the user how far he or she has walked during a round or the total distance traveled by the trolley during its lifetime in miles or kilometers.

The trolley is powered by a whisper-quiet 200w motor and either small, lightweight Panasonic batteries that can easily cope with 18 or 36 holes, or a powerful, super-lightweight Motocaddy Lithium battery designed as the most efficient and stylish option on the market.

The S3 PRO trolley is available in Black, Titanium and Alpine from March 2012. It has a RRP of £399.99 with Standard Battery, £429.99 with Extended Range Battery and £599.99 with the Motocaddy Lithium Battery.


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