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Hole19 Empowers Golfers with Data in New Premium Offering

12.59am 27th June 2016 - New Products - This story was updated on Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Anthony Douglas, founder, Hole19
Anthony Douglas, founder, Hole19

Hole19 wants its users to make a powerful improvement in their golf game, using their own player data. This is why it has launched its new Premium feature, which gives every day golfers the opportunity to have the same insight and in-game analysis as seen on-screen during the Majors.

The new Hole19 Premium features gives players a more detailed and personal connection to their rounds, providing data in a way that quickly targets areas to improve their game. Unlike traditional score or stat trackers, it gives a comprehensive golfing experience, both on and off the course.

Hole19 is currently free to use and one of the most popular downloads for the Apple Watch. Despite this, it has recognised the need in the game to give players a more detailed, insightful and personal connection to their rounds.

This new set of features will also look to engage a younger golfing audience, particularly the 18-34 age group that want to use personal gaming performance data to shape and develop their game.

“Golf is an amazing game steeped in history and tradition but it needs to adapt”, is the view from Anthony Douglas, founder, Hole19. “Data only becomes powerful and helpful when you can actually act upon it. This is the basis of the Hole19 App, retrieve proper insights to any golfer on one unique App and help any player improve their golfing performance wisely and fast. This is why we have launched Hole19 Premium. To give golfers credible insights in one place that can improve their game but delivered to them in their language on their terms.”

Hole19 Premium comes with multiple new features including two stats sections. The Advanced Stats section provides insight into the development of a player’s game over time. This includes trending graphs showing key stats, cumulative scoring statistics and driving accuracy to name a few. The Club Stats section featured on the iOS version provides a deeper dive into each club in the bag. It relays information on how far golfers hit with each club, including the average and maximum distance and accuracy.

The update also gives an added layer to each golfer with its Notes and Highlights sections. The Notes part of the platform means golfers can consult insights on previous rounds played to make better informed decisions on stroke-play.. For golfers looking to compile their own ‘best bits’ video, the Highlights section means players can see and showcase their golf career summarised in one place. From the best hole to the best score through to the most courses played, it creates a very own package of their game. Finally, the upgrade also comes with access to curated and specific content targeted for each individual, including highlights and instructional content.

Douglas continued, “In a generation’s time, people won’t know what a course guide is and distance markers will be replaced by wifi hotspots or instant phone charging points. In their place, people will just have an app. And we expect the app they have to be Hole19.”

Hole19 Premium can be purchased through the App Store and Play Store. It is available worldwide for both iOS and Android for £39 per year. The current features of Hole19 will continue to be free, so users without the Premium version will be able to use the App continuously, without additional payment.

Hole19, which assists players on the golf course with GPS distances, hole map imagery, stat tracking, and more, has now amassed over 900,000 users around the world. It has users & courses in over 180 countries spanning 14 languages with the largest number of users coming from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and Sweden.



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