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Hole19 – a ‘Successful First Year’

12.54pm 24th April 2015 - New Products

Hole19 Apple Watch
Hole19 Apple Watch

Hole19, the golf tracking and performance app, today announces it will be among the first apps available for Apple Watch, besides releasing data on its first year since launch.

In only a year, Hole19 has amassed over 400,000 users that span 90 countries around the world. The app, which assists players on the golf course with GPS distances, hole map imagery, stat tracking, and more, has seen 850,000 rounds of golf played and 1,000,000 golf course maps downloaded, numbers that demonstrate users’ engagement with the app.

Apple Watch – Bringing the game to your wrist

After a successful first year, Hole19 is today announcing the availability of Hole19 for Apple Watch. Hole19 for Apple Watch will provide golfers a new way to track, monitor and improve their game. The app will allow golfers to quickly reference GPS distances to the front, centre, and back of the green, and allow them to easily track their scores and playing stats without having to pull out their phone.

“We are already seeing that golfers are excited to take advantage of these game-improving and experience-enhancing tools because of just how seamlessly Hole19 for Apple Watch will fit into the flow of a round of golf,” says Hole19 CEO, Anthony Douglas.

“Apple Watch is an exciting platform for us, as it will open up a new audience of tech-savvy, fashion conscious players,” continues Douglas.

Douglas believes Apple Watch has the potential to fundamentally change the on-course golf experience for the better, and could disrupt the current game’s tracking practices and manufacturers greatly.

“We believe the ability to instantly access distances on your wrist will promote faster pace of play. At the same time, the utility of the distance and scorekeeping tools will serve existing needs, yield better scores, and drive more engagement with one’s golf game on an ongoing basis.”

“Apple Watch is a big win for golfers, but the benefits flow through to courses and the rest of the golf industry as well.”

Like its smartphone counterpart, the Hole19 app for Apple Watch will be free of charge. It will be available as soon as Apple Watch deliveries begin.

Geography and demographics

Based in London & Lisbon, Hole19 is a 12-person team of golfers, designers, and engineers. The company is backed by investors in the mobile, social and golf industries from the US, UK, Germany and Portugal

Of Hole19’s 400,000 users, 28% are from the USA, 23% are from the UK, and 10% are from Germany, while Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Sweden each have a 5% share. From a demographic perspective, the average age of Hole19’s users is 39, whilst the oldest player is 73, and the youngest comes in at just 13.


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