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Golfstream Adapter Is Ok For PKs

12.08pm 15th February 2016 - New Products - This story was updated on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Golfstream adaptorGolfstream – Europe’s leading powered golf trolley spares and batteries supplier – has unveiled a nifty new adapter so that any make of battery can be used on the latest version PowaKaddy trolleys.

The adapter, which only costs £7.99, opens up the battery market for owners of a PowaKaddy Freeway 3, Freeway 5, or Freeway 7 trolley by featuring a 3-way connector at one end and a conventional 2-way battery connector at the other.

So batteries like the outstanding lithium CaddyCell can now be used, meaning Freeway owners can upgrade to the best quality battery in the market rather than being restricted in their choice.

“Up until now it’s been a shame that owners of the Freeway 3, 5 and 7 trolleys have been excluded from being able to experience the power, reliability and full three year guarantee that CaddyCell provides – as well as other batteries if they’re interested in them too,” said Golfstream managing director, Derek Richford.

“But for less than a tenner, this neat little adapter converts any battery and makes it fit those trolley models.”

Golfstream is Europe’s leading name in trolley spares and accessories carries in stock a huge range of wheels, batteries, chargers, golf bags, spares and accessories for most popular trolley brands, which the company dispatches all over Europe.

This includes CaddyCell – a superlight Lithium-Ion battery which is more than 75% lighter than a standard lead acid battery. The CaddyCell Lithium weighs just 2.1 kilos and can be lifted with a single finger.

Golfstream trolleys and spares and CaddyCell batteries

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