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GolfQuis App launches in the UK

8.47am 24th April 2019 - New Products

A new app aimed at helping golfers understand the rules of golf in a fun-new quiz format has been launched in the UK by GolfQuis.

GolfQuis currently features more than 2,100 golf rule related questions, all of which have been developed by golf experts and validated by golf referees. It offers quiz gameplay with real-life situations from the golf course and aims to increases golfers’ knowledge of the rules.

GolfQuis has been on the market in Denmark for more than a year, with nearly 10% of Danish adult golfers reportedly having used GolfQuis as a method to learn the rules of golf or to have fun with a golf app away from the golf course.

Every game in GolfQuis consists of 18 questions. The player can choose to play a single player game, challenge golfing friends in a match, or participate in tournaments organised by GolfQuis, a sponsor or the local golf club. A key factor in the game is the Golf Rule Handicap, which will improve as the player gains a better understanding of the rules. The difficulty of the questions increases as the golfer moves down through the six levels of golf rule questions and the handicap improves – just like on the real golf course.

Available for downloading at Google Play and App Store, GolfQuis app has just been released in a full English version. It is free to play the first level (six), which features numerous questions that cover the essential rules of golf, and allows access to participate in level six matches and tournaments. For access to all 2,100 questions at all levels, players can subscribe to GolfQuis Pro for a monthly or annual fee.

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