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GLF.Locker will ‘Change the Business of Golf Coaching’

12.31pm 31st July 2015 - New Products

Rob Spurrier
Rob Spurrier

GLF.Locker, the comprehensive new suite of web and mobile tools for golf coaches and their students, has been launched in the UK and USA, with a promise to change the business of golf coaching.

A free GLF.Locker App has also been launched in the App store, with an Android version set for later in the year.

GLF. (Giant Leaps Forward) have created the web-based GLF.Locker software platform to boost the business prospects of anyone who teaches golfers for a living.

Research and development was undertaken in the USA and UK markets simultaneously after extensive trials with golf coaches and academies on both sides of the Atlantic.

The online platform provides management tools which enable golf teaching professionals to operate more efficiently than ever before, leading to significantly increased customer retention levels.

GLF.Locker helps golf professionals to generate more revenue from individual pupils and group bookings, and enables golf academy managers to increase income from either a single academy, or a group of golf academies where multiple sites are being managed.

By making new and existing student bookings easier to manage, marketing promotions more efficient and powerful, and key customer trends more easy to identify, GLF.Locker helps revenue-boosting activities as well as day-to-day management tasks.

GLF Coach combined
GLF Coach combined

As a golf coach, GLF.Locker supplies your best-ever tools to manage and provide feedback on your students’ progress, leading to high levels of customer satisfaction. You can track a wide variety of data, from financial records to student performance at group or individual level, and you can customise the look and feel to suit your own brand image.

GLF.Locker simplifies the scheduling of individual and group lessons, and you can also create limitless new products, add discounts and take payments within the GLF.Locker platform.

If you manage a golf academy or group of academies, GLF.Locker saves you valuable time. Golf academy managers can create live, up-to-date reports on all academy activity, and can send instant messages to staff, individual students, group members, or to all registered users.

The free, features-packed GLF.Locker App provides a pocket-friendly version of the GLF.Locker online platform, for golfers and individual golf coaches. Both can use the App on their mobile phone for speedy access to the platform’s most vital and commonly-used features.

Golf coaches will find the GLF.Locker App especially useful for tracking students’ progress and managing their bookings while mobile. Golfers can use it to book their next golf lesson in less than a minute, speeding up and simplifying the process. Among other useful attributes the app also enables golfers to track all key aspects of their personal performance, including live comments and video tips from their golf coach.

GLF.Locker offers free registration for pupils, with Coach, Academy and Multi-Academy access starting at just £30 per month.

“We believe that GLF.Locker can fundamentally improve the way professional golf instructors organise their work in almost every way” said Rob Spurrier, director of GLF. and creator of the GLF.Locker platform. “I believe that it will change the business of golf coaching.

“From now on, if you intend to give anyone a golf lesson I recommend that you try the GLF.Locker demo on our website – we think you will be impressed. If you start to use it you will find that you spend less time managing your coaching business, giving you more time to actually give golf lessons, or to concentrate on business-building.”

GLF. is based on both sides of the Atlantic, with Rob Spurrier based in the UK, and fellow GLF. director Gavin Grenville-Wood based in the USA. Both are members of the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland.

On the inspiration behind the GLF.Locker platform, Spurrier said: “I spent many years in golf coaching, giving lessons to individual students. I then graduated to managing a golf academy, and ultimately became manager of a large group of golf academies at sites across the UK and USA. I realised that a true one-stop software platform, hosted online so it would be easy to access from everywhere, simply wasn’t available – at least, not with the comprehensive management tools which I felt I needed in my own business. That’s where the idea of GLF.Locker came from – to create something which includes everything a golf coach could conceivably need to manage his or her business, all in one place, accessible from the web or mobile within seconds.

“It has taken three years of hard work to realise the dream, but with the launch of the GLF.Locker platform we have finally reached our goal, and we are already delighted with our early customer responses”.

In the USA, coaching programmes facilitated by GLF.Locker software are underway at many ClubCorp and Kemper Sports venues, with academies operated by Sequoia Golf among the more recent GLF.Locker adopters. Multi-academy operators such as these now have new and powerful tools to track comparative performances for golf academies based in different towns and cities.

Chris Knobloch is Director of Instruction at Braelinn Golf Club in Georgia, USA. He said: “Using the GLF. software has given me the ability to manage my teaching business and provides incredible tools to communicate with all of my students.”

GFL Academy Combined
GFL Academy Combined

In the UK, several golf academies at venues such as Sunbury Golf Centre in London and Dainton Park Golf Club in South Devon are already using GLF.Locker to manage their golf coaching programmes.

Mike Cayless, Head Professional at Dainton Park GC, said: “GLF. Locker has already made a big impact on my coaching business, I have found the scheduling and messaging tools very valuable and giving my customers the opportunity to book has made things much more efficient. If you are serious about coaching then this is a great system.”

“Rob and I share a passion, like many PGA professionals, for growing the game” said Gavin Grenville-Wood, an award-winning PGA professional for over twenty years. “We have both worked extensively at the coal face – giving golf lessons to thousands of people of all ages – but GLF.Locker will help smooth the path to better golf for a far greater number of golfers worldwide than we could individually reach ourselves. GLF.Locker makes golf coaching more connected, more modern, and more attractive to customers – especially the younger generation – in today’s increasingly digital world.

“Unlike some other online systems, GLF.Locker offers much more than just interactivity or online lesson booking” he continued. “As well as the above, it also helps the golf coach to manage their financial affairs, to set up bespoke programmes and to manage multiple golf coaches at once, plus many other tasks. It even gives you the ability to set up a secure online store.

“I can also see the new GLF.Locker app proving very popular with the large number of golf coaches who habitually use their iPhone or other similar smartphone or tablet for coaching purposes nowadays” he said. “The same goes for golfers too these days – no matter which side of the Atlantic you are on!”

Rob Spurrier concluded: “We see GLF.Locker as a genuine ‘giant leap forward’, which is why we are called what we are. We are excited to be able to launch it, finally, and we look forward to helping increasing numbers of PGA golf coaches and academies throughout the UK and USA to improve their businesses using the GLF.Locker platform over the years to come”.

GLF.Locker demo

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