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Everris launches new fertilizer range at BTME 2013

10.50am 1st February 2013 - New Products

Pro Turf pack shotProTurf is designed for use on tees, surrounds, outfields and lawns. It contains Polyhalite, a unique mineral sourced from the company’s mine in the north east of England.

ProTurf contains a combination of Poly-S controlled-release fertilizer technology, readily available ureaNitrogen, and a unique multi-nutrient compound fertilizer. The controlled release Poly-S technology leads to consistent, regular growth over a 2-3 month period without growth peaks. The uncoated Nitrogen portion of the fertilizer provides an immediate turf response, even in cooler conditions. The multi-nutrient compound fertilizer component contains four macro-nutrients (K, MgO,CaO& S) all in one granule.

ProTurf – key benefits

Introducing Polyhalite

Polyhalite is a new naturally occurring mineral fertilizer containing Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. Deposited over 200 million years ago, it is a complex crystal product which hasbeen discovered at a depth of 1,300 metres in the Cleveland Potash mine in the UK.

“Polyhalite is certainly an exciting new addition to our fertilizer portfolio,” confirmed Henry Bechelet, Technical Sales Manager for Everris UK & Ireland. “Extensive trial work has confirmed that the principal nutrients of Potash, Magnesium and Calcium in Polyhalite are fully available to the plant, performing in trials with the same plant-efficiency as standard individual sources of Potassium and Magnesium sulphate.”

ProTurf is available now from all Everris distributors.

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