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Eagle launches its new Golf Club App

9.21am 10th January 2013 - New Products

 Eagle’s new online product features content that members and visitors use on a regular basis

“It’s just the sort of thing that is going to help me retain members, build relationships with our visitors and show everyone how we are exploiting 21st century communication technologies.”

This is the reaction of Reigate Heath’s Richard Arnold,  one of many club managers who have seen the new Eagle Golf Club App.writes Charles de Haan. With over 60% of golfers now carrying a smartphone with them almost 24/7, and browsing habits shifting away from the laptop or desk-based computer, an App like this is the easiest and most effective way for any club to reach its members and visitors.

Eagle’s Phil McInley explains: “The Eagle Golf Club App means any golf club can now have the ideal communications tool for its members wherever they are, enabling them to check up on the date of their next game, social function, check out club news, receive messages from the club, and so on. It will work on any smartphone platform, and it only costs the club £50 per month.”

Brand new for 2013 – packed with ‘go to’ content

Eagle’s new online product features content that members and visitors use on a regular basis: fixture list, members’ pages and contact details, tee time booking, weather, course guide. The Eagle App also has an RSS feed so that club news and messages can be sent free of charge to a club’s members and visitors as well.

Commenting on the App, Eagle’s Phil McInley has high expectations. “The initial reactions from managers we’ve shown the App to so far is extremely encouraging. It’s exactly what clubs have been waiting for, and the managers can already see that it is going to be the best online tool they can give their members. It not only enhances membership value in all sorts of ways, but will make member-get-member marketing much, much easier and more effective.”

Exploiting online advantages

Members and visitors will enjoy other online benefits. The Eagle’s App will also enable a club’s Twitter and Facebook page links if required, but the App’s real genius lies in exploiting any smartphone’sGPStechnology. For example, a user will be able to click the Weather icon and get a forecast based on where they are, rather than have to input their precise location as well. With a smartphone’s ability to track wherever its user is, the App will also tell the golfer how far they have walked.

With developers toolkits being enhanced with new features every week, this App will be regularly updated. Eagle well understands it is essential to re-invest in development in order to remain the leader in the field, so Eagle’s developer is already working on the next phase of development that will utilise the distance measuring technology to answer the question ‘How far is my next shot?’.

Most effective sales tool

The course guide feature translates extremely well to the smartphone screen via a Gallery page, making the Eagle App the most effective sales tool a club can put into its members’ hands to showcase their club to friends and colleagues. There are even application forms within the App for Membership, or enquire about Golf Days and Function Hire!

Launching in January 2013, the cost of the Eagle Golf Club App is just £50 per month to the club, and McInley is recommending that the clubs then give the App away to its members and visitors for the widest possible take-up. Eagle has a ready-made marketing pack for you to achieve this. If for 2013 you want to make sure you’re one of the managers that makes things ‘Appen, call Eagle now on 01883 344 244, or e-mail their team on


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