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CaddyCell Battery Now Has USB Charging Point

2.27pm 17th February 2016 - New Products

CaddyCell Battery with USB port
CaddyCell Battery with USB port

Golfstream has continued the development of its best-selling CaddyCell 18 hole lithium golf trolley battery with the addition of a USB port for easy-access charging of GPS devices, phones and other electronics.

The battery is already one of the most popular power sources in golf among powered trolley owners thanks to its super-compact size and lightness (it weighs just 2.1kg).

Now, with recent R&A changes to Rule 14-3 effectively allowing golfers to use a smartphone with GPS app to get distances on the course, the need for a charging port is paramount.

Said Golfstream managing director, Derek Richford: “One of the biggest problems with using a smartphone/GPS app combination when playing golf is the massive drain on the phone’s battery life – especially when zooming in and out of hole views.

“For golfers with a CaddyCell USB battery, gone are the days when they’ve had to play the last few holes without yardage readings because their phone has given up the ghost.

“And help is at hand too for those players who have forgotten to charge their handheld or watch GPS on the way to the course. Previously, they’d have been left high and dry – but now they can play and charge at the same time.”

The CaddyCell lithium battery (RRP £189 – 18hole) is wrapped in a smart, black neoprene cover and the USB point is easily located and protected via a flap with velcro fastening.

These exceptional LiFePO4 batteries are infinitely superior compared to lead acid batteries because of their high specific energy capacity, long cycle life, compact size, light weight, superior thermal and chemical stability, enhanced safety, improved cost performance, and enhanced charge and discharge rates.

Even though they weigh less than a quarter of the weight of a traditional trolley battery, CaddyCell batteries are a perfect fit and direct replacement for any 12 volt lead acid battery.

Each battery comes with its own purpose-designed charger and carry jacket and is available with connectors to almost any make of trolley, including PowaKaddy, MotoCaddy, Hillbilly, Greenhill and, of course, Golfstream’s own trolley range.

Every battery is around 75% lighter than a standard lead-acid golf battery and features a: Battery Management System, full 3-year guarantee, charger, neoprene cover, and connectors to fit almost any make of trolley. It fully charges from empty in around three hours.

The USB port also makes it perfect as battery becomes a ‘multi-use power source’ for campers, festival-goers and in other recreational and leisure pursuits.


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