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Bayer to showcase its latest disease prevention research at STRI event

11.35pm 4th September 2017 - New Products

Several new fungicide trials, that are set to change the way that greenkeepers approach disease prevention in future, will be presented by the Bayer Turf Solutions Team at the STRI Research event on 20 and 21 September.

Dr. Colin Mumford, Bayer technical manager

With the ever-changing regulations in the industry, Bayer will showcase the importance of transitioning to a preventative approach to disease control, and are always working to develop solutions for the sector.

Dr. Colin Mumford, Bayer technical manager, explains that the independent trials are due to start in late August, and will test the benefits of a preventative approach against a curative treatment programme.

“The aim of these trials is to show the differences between a programmed preventative approach to disease control and a more conventional method, which often tends to rely on curative, or early curative action.”

The trials are set to run until spring 2018, at the earliest, and are testing criteria such as reduced scarring, as well as quicker green-up and establishment at the start of the new growth season.

“I’ll present on the different combinations of treatments being applied to each trial plot and what we expect the outcomes to be. All the chemical applications are being compared to a control trial plot, which will remain untreated for the duration of the study.

Also joining the Bayer team at the event, are representatives from Headland Amenity and Rigby Taylor, the exclusive distributors of Bayer’s most advanced Microdochium Patch fungicide yet – Exteris™ Stressgard®, which is one of the primary products being tested.

Dedicate®, that’s used for the control of Microdochium Patch and Anthracnose, is also being trialled, alongside other fungicides. These products are being tested as standalone treatments, as well as in combination with various tank mixes of supplementary turf health products, which are all supplied by Headland Amenity and Rigby Taylor.


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