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Foresight Sports expands SIM-in-a-box range

5.10pm 12th January 2021 - New Products

Leading launch monitor and simulator brand Foresight Sports Europe has added a new range to its SIM-IN-A-BOX simulator solutions.

The NET SERIES has been designed so that customers can experience the most true-to-life golf simulation without the need for a traditional simulator set up.

The introduction of the NET SERIES means customers can now enjoy the world’s leading golf simulation experience with complete flexibility and simplicity.

Whether in a living room, spare room, garage or garden, all the customer requires to use the NET SERIES is enough space to set up the net and swing a club.

With the choice of Foresight launch monitor, three premium net options, optimised laptop, FSX software, hitting mat and turf, the NET SERIES can be fully set up and packed away in a matter of minutes, giving customers total freedom to use their simulator where and when they wish. 

“The most important part of any golf simulator is the quality of the technology measuring the golf ball. Without the most accurate golf ball measurement, you’ll never see the same ball flight that you do outside,” said Ed Doling, Director of Foresight Sports Europe. “With the NET SERIES we are committed to providing the most true-to-life experience, while understanding that flexibility is hugely important and not everyone is able to have a permanent solution.” 

Customers can also choose to spread the cost of the NET SERIES by taking advantage of Foresight’s consumer or business finance packages. For more information, call 01483 319205 or email


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