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New Photo/Video Service for UK Golf Industry

4.05pm 10th March 2015 - Media

magichour_myvideofix_100315Two established golf industry suppliers are joining forces to offer a low-cost solution to golf’s perennial problem – the lack of good photography and video from UK golf clubs.

Magic Hour Golf and MyVideoFix are launching a joint marketing campaign, aiming to improve the quality of imagery with which the UK industry sells itself to the public.

A series of HTML emails featuring photography and videography tips will be broadcast on a weekly basis, encouraging golf club owners and operators to get creative during the 2015 golf season.

“‘We should really get our photos done this year’ is something I hear all the time from golf clubs” said Magic Hour Media’s Andy Hiseman. “I’d estimate that well under 20% of UK golf clubs are truly happy with the photographs they currently have, and far less than that will have suitable video content with which they can promote their golf business.

“Our tips will help golf club managers to get out there and take better photographs themselves. Nothing really beats a professional shoot, but if that’s not possible for whatever reason – usually budget – then at least we are passing on some tips and tricks specifically for golf clubs to follow”.

Matt Leighton at MyVideoFix adds: “Most golf clubs want a promotional video, but don’t want to go to the expense of hiring a professional film crew. Our message is that it can be done with stills and a high-quality voice-over, which is how MyVideoFix works. With today’s broadband speeds, ‘social video’ is the #1 growth trend on the web, and we’re encouraging golf clubs to take this very simple, low-cost step into video this season”.

The Magic Hour Golf portfolio can be viewed at, and MyVideoFix is online at

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