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Mission to Promote Sustainability Gets New Voice

9.13am 7th March 2013 - Media

Global Sustainability front coverThe growing global awareness of the vital importance of sustainability now has a brand new voice in the form of a new publication – ‘Global Sustainability’

The electronic digital magazine, Global Sustainability, is a joint effort by the International Sustainability Council and Audubon Lifestyles headquartered in New York and the Asia Pacific Golf Group located in Singapore.

Its primary mission is to help create a more sustainable world by assisting people and their businesses discover and implement sustainability solutions that are reliable, practical, efficient and that reduce risk.

The e-zine will be published on a quarterly basis with three issues released in 2013.

In announcing the launch of the publication, ISC’s Chairman, Ronald G. Dodson said, “We have access to so many experts and we felt that the only way that their views on sustainability can be communicated globally is through a high quality publication like Global Sustainability.”

“We hope that like minded individuals, corporations and governments will join us in our effort to grow the level of awareness in sustainability because we need everyone to be involved if we are all going to be responsible stewards of our Planet’s future,” he added.

Global Sustainability will be delivered direct to the e-mail boxes of some 25,000 readers made up of key decision makers in both the public and private sectors. “We will be actively working to grow this distribution footprint and we expect to hit a target of 100,000 people who receive the publication worldwide within a year of the launch,” pointed out Mike Sebastian, the publisher of Global Sustainability.

Global Sustainability will be part of a total communications effort that includes a web site – – e-newsletters and an international conference on sustainability.

Global Sustainability can be downloaded at the following link:

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