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HowDidiDo Shows Year-On-Year Visitor Increase

10.41am 8th March 2013 - Media

HowDidiDo screengrabThe number of golfers using HowDidiDo continued to grow during 2012 with increases of nearly 2,000,000 page views and more than 260,000 unique visits.

Figures released by HowDidiDo this week show the continuing evolution of the social network-style group which has more than 380,000 active members.

There were more than 62 million page views during 2012, up nearly four per cent on the previous year. It also experienced an impressive total of more than 3,000,000 unique visits, showing an increase of nearly nine per cent on the 2012 total, and an increase of almost 11 per cent on all visits.

HowDidiDo Media’s managing director, Barry Dyett, said: “The website is continuing to show growth year on year even during an economic downturn which indicates people are still looking to play golf – a fact which is also supported by the findings of our surveys during the year.

“The overall visitor increase illustrates how the various elements of the website continue to inform our existing members and attract new followers. It also shows the effectiveness of our email campaigns in driving traffic to the website.

“The overall popularity of the website is also illustrated by the fact that 2012’s Titleist Order of Merit, which was powered by HowDidiDo and Golf Monthly, attracted an astonishing 29,000 entries making it one of the top participation sporting events in the British Isles.”

Registration to HowDidiDo is required to check handicap lists or competition results, but it remains a free service to any golf club where administrators use CLUB2000 software from Club Systems International, which is in place at around 2,000 UK clubs.

It also holds details of in excess of 21 million rounds of golf along with the handicaps, results and scores of more than 1,300,000 UK golf club members and provides exclusive benefits and promotions on golfing equipment, travel, insurance and lifestyle products to more than 370,000 signed-up members, via its marketplace partner programme.


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